Attract and engage investors with ESG benchmarks

Responsible investing is now mainstream, and many institutional investors expect asset managers to integrate sustainability criteria into their business. This means collecting reliable data and reporting on environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance in a way that is transparent and comparable to other investments.

How asset managers use GRESB

Companies and other entities in the real estate and infrastructure industries use GRESB to measure their ESG performance within a standardized and globally recognized framework.

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GRESB can help you to:

  • Engage investors who use ESG data.
    GRESB gives you a platform to communicate with investors on sustainability topics.
  • Peer benchmark your performance.
    See if your ESG strategies are effective and find areas for continued improvement.
  • Identify risks and opportunities.
    Prepare for climate-related financial risks and uncover sustainability-related opportunities.
  • Standardize your ESG data collection.
    With new financial disclosures and emerging regulations on the horizon, it’s important to align reporting with international frameworks.

Equipping asset managers with data and insights

GRESB assesses and benchmarks the ESG performance of global assets, providing actionable data and insights for financial markets.

Fund managers, companies and asset operators who become GRESB Members report on key indicators that investors consider materially relevant. This data is validated, scored and then peer benchmarked to generate high-quality data and ESG insights.

More than 140 institutional investors with $47 trillion in assets under management use GRESB to monitor ESG progress within their portfolios. Investors can also request access to data from other asset managers that they are interested in. Managers participating in GRESB Assessments for the first time have a “grace period,” in which they can keep results confidential for the first year, if desired.

Getting started

As a mission-driven and industry-led organization, we are committed to keeping assessment participation fees low. Contact us to learn more.

What you get as a GRESB Member

  • GRESB Scorecard
    See how you perform across the key ESG metrics that are important to investors and get an analysis of how you compare with peers. You can also use GRESB’s logo and Scorecard for investor engagement.
  • Benchmark Report
    Understand your sustainability performance and see how you measure up at the indicator level against your peer group. Better understand risks and identify areas of improvement.
  • Portfolio Analysis Tool
    Compare individual or aggregated performance against a custom benchmark based on region, property type or management style – this is particularly useful for fund managers with multiple entities participating in GRESB Assessments.
  • Data Exporter
    Download all your ESG data in an easy-to-use format for your own modeling and incorporation into existing systems.

Need help with reporting?

For those looking for help or guidance reporting, we offer a number of tools and resources. We can also connect you with a GRESB Partner who can provide more in-depth support.

  • Response Check
    Receive a high-level check of your Assessment response prior to final submission (for an additional cost).
  • Review Period
    Designed to strengthen the reliability of the benchmark results and is intended to be used in cases where you believe that there has been incorrect or incomplete data input or an error in validation or scoring.
  • Results Review
    Provides an in-depth understanding of your GRESB Assessment results, including detailed insight into the validation process and the allocation of points for individual indicators (additional cost)
  • Online training
    GRESB provides online training for the Real Estate and Infrastructure Assessments.
  • Support and Insights
    GRESB Members have access to assessment help, guidance and support tools and are invited to contribute insightful articles to investors and the wider GRESB community.

See how other GRESB products can strengthen your business

gresb sfdr reporting

SFDR Reporting

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation requires funds based in Europe to provide a clear picture of their ESG profiles to investors.

GRESB is creating a solution to help real estate, infrastructure and private equity managers meet these obligations.

SFDR Reporting
Transition Risk Tool

Transition Risk Tool

As governments around the world look at decarbonization pathways to meet aggressive goals set by the Paris Climate Agreement, real estate entities face interconnected risks related to this transition.

GRESB is creating a solution to help.

Transition Risk Tool

TCFD Reporting

While currently voluntary, reporting that adheres to standards from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures is gaining significant momentum.

GRESB is developing a solution to help members understand and complete the reporting process.

TCFD Reporting

Managers benefit with GRESB

Thousands of fund managers, companies and asset operators around the globe engage with investors through their GRESB membership.
See which of your peers are already reporting to GRESB.

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