Carbon Footprint Dashboard

GRESB’s Carbon Footprint Dashboard provides real estate investors with a comprehensive view of the energy consumption and GHG emissions from their portfolio. With the dashboard, investors can visualize and break the data down by country and property sector, with any data gaps filled in by GRESB’s industry-leading estimation model.

What is GRESB’s Carbon Footprint Dashboard?

The Carbon Footprint Dashboard is an interactive tool that empowers real estate investors to explore and better understand the energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of their GRESB Real Estate portfolios. It provides a comprehensive overview of a portfolio’s financed emissions, enabling investors to uncover insights to inform decisions – benefiting both investments and the planet.

Carbon Footprint Dashboard

Gain a clear understanding of your portfolio’s energy use and GHG emissions

With Carbon Footprint, investors can:

  • Explore the energy use and GHG emissions from their GRESB real estate portfolio
  • Fill in any data gaps using GRESB’s industry-leading estimation model
  • Visualize and filter energy and GHG data by country and property sector
  • Break down GHG emissions by Scope 1, 2, & 3
  • Export data for internal analysis or reporting

GRESB Estimation Model

In cases where energy consumption data is missing, GRESB’s Estimation Model can use a building’s known data points – like floor size, location, and specific property subtype – to generate a highly representative estimation from a global database of more than 170,000 assets within the GRESB benchmark.


Learn how GRESB estimates missing data and the methodology used to calculate GHG intensity of a portfolio which is aligned with global standards.

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Aligned with PCAF

The Carbon Footprint Dashboard calculates an investor’s share of energy consumption and GHG emissions using a methodology that is aligned with PCAF, the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials.

Carbon Footprint Dashboard

Building better solutions for investors

In addition to making incremental improvements to our core tools, GRESB is continually building new features and insights to benefit our members. The Carbon Footprint Dashboard is the next step in this journey for investors, and we are excited to share updates as they become available. Join our newsletter to stay informed about these updates.

Carbon Footprint guidance & FAQ

You can see step-by-step instructions on how to access and use the platform, as well as guidance, FAQ, and resources via the button below.

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