Prospective GRESB member & participant resources

We are glad you have taken an interest in joining GRESB. This page aims to provide you with the most helpful and up-to-date resources and information on the GRESB Assessments, products, and more.

Assessment Timeline and Services: 

  • GRESB Assessment timeline
  • Grace Period: Our Grace Period allows you to familiarize yourself with the GRESB reporting process without GRESB Investor Members being able to access your results
  • Pre-Submission Check: The Pre-Submission Check can help identify errors that might adversely impact your results
  • Results Consultation: This service provides an in-depth understanding of your GRESB Assessment results to help you better understand your results and potential improvements in your GRESB reporting

Members and Partners:


  • Transition Risk Report: This report shows you which of your assets are most exposed to climate-related transition risk and how this may affect your portfolio over time at both a country and global level
  • TCFD Alignment Report: Using data from the GRESB Assessment, this report helps you understand the alignment of your climate-related processes with the TCFD recommendations
  • The SFDR Reporting Solution: The solution can help real estate and infrastructure managers meet the most arduous part of SFDR – reporting on product-level Principal Adverse Impacts. Additionally, the GRESB Estimation Model (GEM) can help real estate participants access highly accurate estimations for their energy consumption data based on real data.

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