REAL Solutions

Institutional investors and financial institutions want more granular information about the sustainability of individual assets associated with real assets companies and funds. GRESB is uniquely positioned to meet this need and provide actionable insights into the sustainability, resilience, and efficiency of individual assets.

What is REAL Solutions?

REAL Solutions is a new set of dynamic tools and insights developed by GRESB to help both investors and managers understand and improve the performance of individual assets.

A milestone for GRESB, REAL Solutions is built upon a decade-long effort to understand, measure, and benchmark the real-world performance of investor-owned assets across the world. Individual tools are powered by a unique asset-level database built from GRESB’s annual real estate assessment.

The database includes information about targets, operational performance, building certifications, energy ratings, and energy efficiency measures.

REAL Benchmarks

The first solution to be released from this product family is REAL Benchmarks, an interactive dashboard for real estate managers and listed companies to privately and securely analyze the contribution of individual assets to their portfolio performance.

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REAL Statistics

Developed specifically for financial institutions, REAL Statistics is a global dataset covering energy and GHG intensity values and trends. When launched, REAL Statistics will provide aggregated asset-level ESG data points that are organized into 11,000 unique combinations of property type, electricity grid, location, and climate zones.

Subscribers to REAL Statistics will be able to select from a range of performance indicators, including average, median, and key thresholds, such as the top 15% of assets. The data is aggregated and not attributable to individual assets, funds, or companies.

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