Online training

GRESB provides free online Real Estate and Infrastructure Assessment training for GRESB Members and Partners. The online courses walk through the Assessments, explaining how to report to the different Indicator types and include other content-related material and practical tips. You can browse the courses and register here.



What’s GRESB all about? How are the 2024 Assessments structured?
What’s the difference between the Components? How do you report correctly and in the most efficient way?
How does validation work? How is ESG data scored and benchmarked?


The online courses are modular and self-paced.
Live Q&A sessions will take place in March 2024.


The training is designed for new GRESB participants who are looking to gain competency in reporting to the 2024 Assessments.
It’s also relevant for existing participants and GRESB Partners who would like a refresher on the reporting process.

Enrolling and logging in

The GRESB Online Training Platform can be accessed here. Please note that your login details are not the same as for the GRESB Portal, and you will need to create a new account to access the courses.