REAL Benchmarks 

Get deep, actionable insights into the energy and GHG performance of the individual assets in your real estate portfolio. Fill in data gaps with industry-leading estimations and benchmark assets against peers, decarbonization pathways, and your other assets.

REAL Benchmarks – asset-level insights for real estate

For real estate fund managers and listed companies, asset-level performance data can be a key component to making strategic decisions across a portfolio. Unfortunately, far too many managers suffer from significant gaps in building-level data and lack a sufficiently granular benchmark to truly compare their assets’ relative performance against.

Launched in April, GRESB’s REAL Benchmarks is a private dashboard for real estate managers and companies to delve into the energy and GHG emissions data of all assets within their portfolio, allowing for detailed analysis of how each asset contributes to the portfolio’s overall performance.

The dashboard is available year-round and automatically updated when data is edited in the GRESB Asset Portal.


REAL Solutions

REAL Benchmarks is the first interactive tool released from GRESB’s new REAL Solutions product family, which was created to meet the needs of the real estate industry wanting more granular information about the sustainability of individual assets.

REAL Solutions is a milestone for GRESB and is built upon a decade-long effort to understand, measure, and benchmark the real-world performance of investor-owned assets across the globe.




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Understand each asset’s impact on your portfolio

  • REAL Benchmarks shows you exactly which assets are under- or overperforming against peers, and by how much, within GRESB’s universe of 170,000+ global assets.
  • See which assets need additional investment in data collection.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how each asset contributes to your GRESB score – whether helping or hurting your overall performance (available in October.)

Dive into emissions by scope and project GHG performance

Regardless of what type of assets you hold or where they are located, REAL Benchmarks allows you to filter by property type, location, and percentage of ownership to view detailed energy and GHG data by cohorts and better understand the projected GHG performance of those assets against decarbonization pathways such as CRREM.

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Fill in data gaps with robust industry-leading estimations

As the global ESG benchmark for real assets, GRESB is the steward of the world’s most comprehensive database of energy and GHG intensities of real estate assets.

Drawing on data from more than 170,000 individual investable assets (and many more individual buildings), REAL Benchmarks can compare the known data points of one of your assets – like floor size, location, and specific property subtype – to provide a highly representative estimation of its energy and GHG emissions. If partial energy data is known, this is referenced during the estimation.

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REAL Benchmarks FAQ

  • The REAL Benchmarks dashboard will be available for purchase starting April 2024 and will be available year-round.

  • The dashboard is available to real estate fund managers only. Individual asset-level data is the sole property of the fund manager. GRESB Investor Members cannot see or request access to the dashboard via the GRESB Portal.

  • GRESB uses aggregated asset-level data to create meaningful benchmarks and to power estimation tools. Data relating to individual assets are not shared with any party.

  • The REAL Benchmarks dashboard will display all Standing Investment assets available in the Asset Portal with valid energy data.

  • Yes. Where energy performance data is missing or incomplete, the REAL Benchmarks dashboard provides estimates powered by the GRESB Estimation Model.

  • In cases where energy consumption data is missing, the GRESB Estimation Model can use a building’s known data points – such as floor size, location, and property subtype – to generate a highly representative estimation from a global database of approximately 170,000 real estate assets within the GRESB benchmark.

  • The GRESB energy and GHG benchmarks in the dashboard are constructed based on the asset-level data submitted as part of the 2023 GRESB Real Estate Assessment. Only assets with 100% data coverage are included in the benchmark.

    First, an attempt is made to construct a benchmark by grouping together assets with 100% data coverage within the same Property Sub-Type and located in the same Country. If there are fewer than 20 assets with 100% data coverage in a given benchmark, the Property Sub-Type classification and then the Country specificity are gradually decreased. For example, the Property Sub-Type becomes Property Type and then Property Sector. Similarly, the specificity of the Country is decreased to Sub-Region, Region, Super-Region, and Global.

  • The initial version of REAL Benchmarks focuses on providing estimation and benchmarking capabilities at the asset level for energy and GHG. Once the 2024 GRESB Results are published in October, the dashboard will also provide scoring insights to allow GRESB real estate participants to better understand how each asset in their portfolio contributes to the overall GRESB Score.

  • REAL Benchmarks is the first of a series of new tools focused on focused on asset-level insights that will be provided by GRESB, which we are calling REAL Solutions. In this case, REAL indicates that the tool is part of this suite of solutions.