Creating a roadmap for GRESB Standards and Assessments

In September 2021, GRESB launched an 18-month stakeholder engagement process to create a shared vision for future GRESB Standards and Assessments and to develop a strategic roadmap with all GRESB Members and Partners for implementation.



Creating a shared vision together

Since its inception in 2009, GRESB has served as a valued resource for the real estate sector – and for the infrastructure sector since 2015. Being an industry-led organization means that we put the voice and priorities of our members and partners at the forefront of our work.

Now, it is crucial that we hear from our members and partners so we can proactively map out our future together and create a strategic roadmap for the GRESB Standards and Assessments. To do this, we will seek input and collaboration over an 18-month stakeholder engagement process, divided into three phases:

  1. Defining our shared vision for the future
  2. Creating a strategy to achieve our vision
  3. Developing a strategic roadmap that defines future work and major milestones

Creating and following this roadmap will help ensure that GRESB Standards and Assessments continue to provide value as they evolve into the future, while remaining globally relevant for all our members and partners.

You can see an update on the roadmap here.