GRESB Accredited Professional

The GRESB Accredited Professional (GRESB AP) program distinguishes individuals with the skills to collect, manage, and report on ESG data within the GRESB Real Estate Assessment. Designed to elevate industry standards and foster sustainable practices, the GRESB AP program represents a significant advancement in the real assets space.

Introducing the GRESB Accredited Professional Program

  • Gain recognition for your familiarity with the GRESB Assessments.
  • Demonstrate and improve your ESG and reporting knowledge.
  • Join a global community and invest in your future.

Introducing GRESB AP.

Why become a GRESB Accredited Professional?

The GRESB AP credential signifies your commitment to advancing ESG performance in the real assets industry. As a GRESB Accredited Professional, you can showcase your expertise and contribute to superior ESG outcomes. There are three major benefits to the GRESB AP program:

The GRESB AP — Team Leader exam rewards individuals with excellent knowledge in the end-to-end management of ESG assessments within the real assets industry.

You have the chance to display your skills for assessing and improving ESG performance within the real assets industry through this personal assessment process.

By gaining the GRESB AP certification, you join a global community of professionals dedicated to driving positive change in the real assets industry.

Who can become accredited?

The GRESB AP program is open to individuals:

  • Managing or supporting GRESB Assessment participation
  • From GRESB Partner organizations, supporting Members
  • Looking to expand their knowledge and kick-start their careers in the realm of real estate ESG performance

How does it work?

  • Initial credential exam: Take the initial credential exam, valid for 12 months, demonstrating your proficiency in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment
  • Credential maintenance: Renew your credential by taking the annually updated GRESB AP exam, ensuring your knowledge stays current
  • Credential verification: Receive a GRESB AP certificate and verification link to provide confirmation of your credential status

Please note that this is the only official and recognized GRESB accreditation program, and the only accreditation that GRESB currently offers.

How to register for the exam

Price: EUR 475

From mid-April, individuals can register for the exam directly on this webpage. It is also possible to pre-register, and you will be invited to take the exam from mid-April onwards.

Individuals can register and pay directly at 

GRESB Partners: Contact your account manager for details on your benefit.

Purchase your GRESB AP exam

Prepare with the GRESB AP Handbook

Prepare with confidence by reviewing the comprehensive GRESB AP Handbook, available to you once you purchase the exam, which outlines the skills and competencies essential for successful completion of the assessment. The handbook provides an overview of topics and resources to ensure you are well-equipped for the exam.

The handbook will be shared after you have registered for the exam.

Join us in advancing sustainable real assets

Advance your professional journey and become a GRESB Accredited Professional.

Become a GRESB AP

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