SFDR Reporting Solution

Take control of SFDR to save time and resources while reporting. The SFDR Reporting Solution can help solve the hardest part of reporting with real data from a trusted source, giving you a more accurate PAI Statement and the flexibility to get ahead of future regulatory requirements.

What is SFDR, the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation?

The EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is a new transparency requirement for financial market participants related to key environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. The purpose is to increase market transparency and direct capital towards more sustainable businesses.

For many asset managers, a key consideration for SFDR is equipping investors with relevant and consistent product- and entity-level ESG data to support their mandatory reporting.

Report on SFDR with confidence using real data from GRESB

With GRESB, real estate and infrastructure managers can meet the most arduous part of SFDR – reporting on product-level Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) – while gaining valuable business insights.

  • Better data. Unlike other providers, GRESB works with real ESG data, submitted and validated from assets themselves. This means more accurate data to get ahead of future requirements.
  • Focused on the hard part. We tackle SFDR’s central data challenge, giving you more flexibility to finish reporting without racking up unnecessary consulting fees.
  • More accurate estimations. Where real estate entities may have initial gaps in data, we can make better estimations using our global industry assessments. More accurate data now means fewer headaches in the future.
  • End-to-end support. As an industry-led platform, GRESB provides robust support services at every step of the process. If you need help collecting data, we can recommend one of our partners.

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GRESB estimations

GRESB Estimation Model

For real estate financial market participants who are missing energy consumption data for the tenant’s portion of a building in their portfolio, the GRESB Estimation Model (GEM) can drill down and compare the building’s known data points – like floor size, location and specific property subtype – against the GRESB database. This provides a highly representative estimation for missing data.

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Future-proof reporting with high-quality data

While ESG data can be scraped from a number of public sources, its accuracy and reliability may not be sufficient for SFDR reporting. This concern will only grow if, as expected, CSRD requires data validation in the near future.

Starting your disclosures with the best available data now will make year-over-year comparisons easy and more useful for asset managers when they become required.

With the report, you can:

  • Grant investors access to your SFDR data and report through the GRESB Portal
  • Prepare your Principal Adverse Impact Disclosure at the entity level
  • Inform and guide your periodic and pre-contractual disclosures at the product level
  • Determine the EU Taxonomy eligibility and alignment of a financial product
  • Identify any data or coverage gaps you may have
  • Engage with stakeholders on how you are addressing SFDR

Ready to get started?

The SFDR Reporting Solution is now available for real estate.

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  • Solve the hardest part of SFDR reporting with real data from a trusted source. Receive a more accurate PAI Statement and the flexibility to get ahead of future regulatory requirements.

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