GRESB Foundation

The GRESB Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organization (incorporated as a Dutch stichting) that sets global standards for assessing the environmental, social and governance performance of real estate, infrastructure and other assets.

GRESB governance

Led by a Foundation Board composed of representatives from GRESB Members and Partners, the GRESB Foundation is the primary platform for GRESB to engage with the industry, owning and governing the standards upon which GRESB BV – a separate profit-for-purpose benefit corporation – performs its assessments.

The GRESB Foundation, GRESB BV and GRESB Members work as one to deliver a shared vision of an investment community that plays a central role in creating a more sustainable world, one where society can meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.



The Role of the GRESB Foundation

As an independent standards-setting body, the GRESB Foundation works to develop, maintain, improve and publish GRESB Standards annually, in time for GRESB BV to perform its assessments.

Specifically, the GRESB Foundation:

  • Facilitates active industry engagement and consensus on the GRESB Standards
  • Ensures that the standards are feasible and can be practically implemented
  • Provides inclusive representation across GRESB Members and Partners
  • Ensures that the standards continually evolve to advance the foundation’s mission

The GRESB Standards

The GRESB Standards are a set of guidelines to assess and benchmark ESG and related performance of real and other assets. As such, the GRESB Standards will provide a globally recognized and consistent means of assessing and benchmarking the ESG performance of assets and portfolios. The Standards include the questions, evidence and indicators to assess ESG performance, including the weighting of the indicators.

The GRESB Foundation focuses on the development and approval of the GRESB Standards. GRESB BV uses the Standards to assess the ESG performance of participants, including applying quality validation, scoring, and benchmarking,

GRESB Foundation 2024 Roadmap & 2024 Standards Changes

The GRESB Foundation just released its forward-looking 2024 Roadmap, which reflects upon future priorities for the Standards for the near- and longer-term future. The document also highlights the Foundation’s hierarchy of advisory groups that help evolve the Standards, alongside critical support from the industry.

GRESB also just released its much-anticipated 2024 Standards changes. Every year, as part of the annual standards development process, the Real Estate and Infrastructure Standards Committees review stakeholder feedback and potential improvements to the GRESB Standards. They then make recommendations of their endorsed changes to the Foundation Board, which ultimately determines the advancements to the Standards.

GRESB also recently announced a new Infrastructure Development Asset Assessment, which will launch in April 2024. This new assessment is designed to cater to pre-operational assets in the development and construction phase.

For a detailed description of the process, the objectives, and the changes, please visit our 2024 GRESB Standards – Roadmap, changes and events page. Please also see more information about how GRESB aligns with other ESG reporting frameworks.

View 2024 Roadmap & 2024 GRESB Standards
Call for feedback

Public consultation on building certifications

The GRESB Real Estate Standard applies several evaluation criteria to recognize and score building certification schemes. Current criteria provide a large number of schemes with full recognition and limited information to inform scoring and analysis. Therefore, the Real Estate Standards Committee (RESC) is collaborating with industry stakeholders to:

  • Elevate best-in-class schemes, encouraging broader adoption within the industry
  • Refine the list of accepted schemes, recognizing those with the greatest credibility and impact
  • Enhance transparency on key evaluation metrics, informing investment decision-making

The GRESB Foundation Board

The GRESB Foundation’s formal decision-making body, the GRESB Foundation Board is composed of the following GRESB Members and Partners who each serve a three-year term (which began in January 2022):

The interim secretary of the Foundation Board is Roxana Isaiu, Chief Product Officer.

Supporting the GRESB Foundation

The work of the GRESB Foundation is supported by a number of committees and working groups.

  • The Real Estate Standards Committee works to oversee the development and maintenance of the GRESB Real Estate Standard, reporting directly to the Foundation Board.

    Real Estate Standards Committee

    • Jorge Chapa, Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)
    • Abigail Dean, Nuveen Real Estate
    • Helen Gurfel, CBRE
    • Ryuichi Horie, CSR Design
    • Grace Kwok, AEC Group
    • Juliette Lefébure,  AXA
    • Olivia Muir, UBS (Deputy Chair)
    • Darryl Neate, Real Property Association of Canada
    • Georgie Nelson,  Abrdn
    • Aleksandra Njagulj, DWS Group (Chair)
    • Clementine Pacitti, Klepierre
    • Andrea Palmer, PGGM
    • Rob Simpson, Ivanhoé Cambridge
    • Benjamin Thomas, Property Council of Australia (PCA)
    • Peter van den Tol, MN
    • Nicole Wilson,  KKR

    The committee’s secretary is Charles van Thiel, GRESB’s Director of Real Estate.

  • The Infrastructure Standards Committee works to oversee the development and maintenance of the standards, reporting directly to the GRESB Foundation Board.

    Infrastructure Standards Committee

    • Jane Baseby, PATRIZIA Infrastructure
    • Lucinda Callow, DWS
    • Olta Cibuku, Amp Energy
    • Jon Collinge, Morrison & Co
    • Gerry Connelly, Amey Investment Management Services Limited
    • Sean Kahn,  Rest Super
    • Neil Krawitz, Arcus Infrastructure Partners
    • Jochen Krippner, IFM Investors
    • Shali Lingaretnam, Victorian Funds Management Corporation
    • Ruairi Revell, abrdn
    • Manuel Rodríguez, AINDA Energia & Infraestructura (Deputy Chair)
    • Mitch Seider, PSP
    • Katherine Sherwin, BlackRock (Chair)
    • Cassie Winn,  JP Morgan

    The committee’s secretary is Joss Blamire, GRESB’s Director of Infrastructure.

  • The Real Estate and Infrastructure Expert Resource Groups support the work of the GRESB Foundation by providing technical expertise, industry resources and guidance through various Working Groups, called as they are needed.

    Real Estate Expert Resource Group 

    • Mari Aanesen, CBRE Investment Management
    • Matthew Aberant, WSP
    • Daniel Baldauf, Schneider Electric
    • René Barownick, Caleus
    • Stephanie Barr, Harrison Street
    • Vincent van Bijleveld, Global Real Estate Engagement Network
    • Michèle Bolliger, Credit Suisse Asset Management (Switzerland) Ltd
    • Luc van de Boom, Cooltree
    • Claire Bradbury, Carbon Intelligence
    • Dirk Van Buggenhout, Montea
    • Tsilah Burman, CBRE Investment Management
    • Marine Calmettes, Frasers Property industrial
    • Michael Chang, Host Hotels & Resorts
    • Anna Denell, Vasakronan AB
    • Zeina Elali, Canadian Urban Limited
    • Emilija Emma, Verco
    • Lissa Engle, Berkeley Capital Group [BCG]
    • Harry Etra, HXE Partners
    • Eli Faid, Goodman
    • James Fisher, BRE Group
    • Joanna Frank, Center for Active Design
    • Bob Fynan, QIC GRE
    • Francesco Gasperi, Habitech – Distretto Tecnologico Trentino S.c. a r.l.
    • Ethan Gilbert, Prologis, Inc.
    • Evangelia Gklezakou, DIMAND S.A.
    • Steve Goossens, APG Asset Management
    • Tatiana Gutierrez, Pretium Partners
    • Iris Hagdorn, HIH Invest Real Estate GmbH
    • Jacqueline Hart, International Living Future Institute
    • Stephane Hedont, MoZaiC Asset Management
    • Shawn Hesse, JLL
    • David Hodgins, Sustento Group LLC
    • Sophia Holighaus, Frasers Property Industrial
    • Ali Hoss, Triovest
    • Phil Jonckheer, Keepfactor
    • Sean Kahn, Rest Super
    • Sara Karerat, Center for Active Design
    • Hideki Kobayashi, Mitsubishi Estate Co.,LTD
    • Stefanie Koetschau, GARBE Industrial Real Esttae GmbH
    • Jim Landau, MetLife Investment Management
    • James LEE, Chongbang Holdings International Ltd
    •  Juliette Lefébure, AXA IM
    • Oliver Light, Carbon Intelligence
    • Christopher Maddern, Schneider Electric
    • Hanae Maed, CSR Design Green Investment Advisory, Co, Ltd.
    • Sophie de Malefette, AXA IM
    • Michiel Moll, NN Group
    • Greg Munford, Guardians of New Zealand Superfund
    • David Natt, Avanath Capital
    • Ridhima Nayyar, RioCan
    • Georgie Nelson, abrdn
    • Anna Maria Pacini, DeA Capital Real Estate SGR
    • Susanne Marttila, KGAL
    • Brady Mills, RE Tech Advisors
    • Anna Packard, CodeGreen Solutions
    • Stephen Penstone, Quinn & Partners
    • Bethan Phillips, Verco
    • Christine Pout, BRE
    • Mary Power, Lendlease
    • Anggie Rahma Pratiwi, BuildingMinds
    • Daniele Pronestì, CDP – Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
    • Jagannathan Ramaswamy, Sobha Realty
    • Sanjaya Ranasinghe, WiredScore
    • Josh Richards, Bridge Industrial
    • Alexandra Rieckhoff, GPT
    • Alejandro Romero, BRE
    • Brigid Rooney, JLL
    • Ruth Rózpide, Mace Group
    • Mitch Seider, PSP Investments
    • Alicia Silva, Revitaliza Consultores
    • Tim Simopoulos, Colliers
    • Melissa Smith, Sun Communities
    • Andy Smith, S2 Partnership
    • Tomoko Takagi, CSR Design Green Investment Advisory, Co, Ltd.
    • Andrew Thai, Frasers Property Australia
    • Justyna Tobolska, Carbon Intelligence (Accenture)
    • Joanna Tomlinson, EVORA Global
    • Brian Trainor, Heitman
    • Wietse de Vries, Almazara
    • Emily Wei, HXE Partners
    • Kelly Worden, IWBI
    • Violet Yang, LaSalle Investment Management

    Infrastructure Expert Resource Group

    • Brooke Akins, Cintra, a Subsidiary of Ferrovial
    • Ioannis Armaos, BlackRock
    • Kaj Bakker, Arcus Infrastructure Partners LLP
    • Sabine Chalopin, Denham Capital
    • Mark Edwards, Gatwick Airport Ltd
    • Cederik Engel, CCE Holding GmbH
    • Geoffrey Fudurich, Quinn & Partners
    • Kerry Griffiths, Infrastructure Sustainability Council
    • Shinae Haidley, AMP Capital
    • Karen Hill, abrdn
    • Erik Joustra, NN Group N.V.
    • Sean Kahn, Rest Super
    • Susanne Marttila, KGAL GmbH & Co. KG
    • Saki Nagita, CSR Design Green Investment Advisory, Co., Ltd.
    • Ridhima Nayyar, RioCan
    • Francesca Pezzoli, Snam
    • Mitch Seider, PSP Investments
    • Natalie Sinha, UBS Asset Management
    • Kirk Stafford, Harbert Management Corporation
    • Amanda Wallace, J.P. Morgan Investment Management
    • Miles Wu, State Super
  • The Net Zero Working Groups focuses on reviewing the various perspectives relating to net zero in order to facilitate convergence towards a definition for the GRESB Standards and to explore the core assumptions and beliefs that drive divergence in what net zero means and what constitutes a valid journey to achieve it.

    Real Estate

    • Joey Aoun, Savills Investment Management LLP
    • Silje Njå Bertelsen, Grieg Investor
    • Eric Bradley, Taurus Investment Holdings, LLC
    • Ayla Dinçay, Science Based Targets Initative
    • Rebecca Fitzgerald, Investa Property Group
    • Katie Fluence, RE Tech Advisors
    • Carlos Flores, NABERS
    • Karen Frizzell, Minto
    • Lee Hodgkinson, Dream REIT
    • Rachel Horwat, Ivanhoé Cambridge
    • Mark Hutchinson, Canada Green Building Council
    • Sagar Kapadia, Equity Residential
    • Hideki Kobayashi, Mitsubishi Estate Co
    • Calvin Lee Kwan, Link Asset Management Ltd
    • James Lee, Chongbang Holdings
    • Juliette Lefebure, AXA IM
    • Lina Makrodimtri, Schroders REIM
    • Brendan McCarthy, Calvert Research and Management
    • Kelly Meissner, Ventas, Inc
    • Brady Mills, Partner Energy
    • Brett Ormrod, LaSalle Investment Management
    • Joe Smith, UBS Asset Management
    • Ben Thomas, The GPT Group


    • Jane Baseby, PATRIZIA AG
    • Olta Cibuku, Amp Energy
    • Mark Edwards, Gatwick Airport Ltd
    • John Gerrard Connelly, Albany SPC Services Limited
    • Lena Hörnlein, B Capital Partners
    • Nicole Jullian Sahr, Endeavour Energy
    • Sean Kahn, Rest Super
    • Grace Kwok, Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Limited
    • Sandra Lauterbach, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners
    • Helen Murphy, Cory
    • Carol O’Sullivan, Powerco
    • Ruairi Revell, abrdn Core Infrastructure
    • Tim Robinson, Quinn+Partners
    • Mitch Seider, PSP Investments
    • Vere Shaba, Greendesign Africa
    • Cameron Talbot-Stern, APG Asset Management
    • Cassie Winn, JPMorgan Asset Management

Creating a roadmap for GRESB Standards and Assessments

In 2021, the GRESB Foundation launched an 18-month stakeholder engagement process to create a shared vision for future GRESB Standards and to develop a roadmap for the future with all GRESB Members and Partners for implementation. Read more about our Strategic Roadmap.

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For information on roles within the GRESB Foundation, please see the terms of reference for:

Watch this video to learn more about the GRESB Foundation.

Please find the latest information on joining the GRESB Foundation Standards Committees.