Interested in helping create a more sustainable world? Join a dynamic team of professionals at GRESB, the global ESG benchmark for capital markets and provider of asset-level climate data and analytics.

Who are we?

GRESB is the global ESG benchmark for real estate and infrastructure. We aim to help the investment industry accelerate progress towards a more sustainable world through better data and actionable insights. Using GRESB assessments, benchmarks and related products, investors and asset managers can gain a better understanding of their ESG-related risks and opportunities as they transition to a more sustainable future. Asset Impact is a growing team of developers, analysts, and sustainable finance specialists working to provide data about the climate transition. 


Passionate people

Based in Amsterdam with staff around the world, we are a passionate and diverse group of professionals from all walks of life who believe that the transition to a sustainable world is a fundamental challenge that we must face together.


Our offices

A combined team of 100 professionals from more than a dozen countries, we work together from our offices in Amsterdam and Paris, as well as remotely in Europe, the Americas, and across Asia Pacific.

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Nurturing a healthy and inclusive work environment

GRESB prioritizes the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its employees and provides services and resources to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our approach to employee health and well-being includes but is not limited to:

  • Organizing organization-wide wellness challenges to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Offering trainings on proper posture and conducting ergonomic assessments to prevent workplace injuries
  • Complying with relevant health and safety regulations and providing trainings on workplace safety practices, including the appointment of two Emergency Response Officers
  • Supporting new mothers with by providing a dedicated room for breastfeeding during working hours
  • Encouraging work-life balance and taking regular breaks
  • Actively raising awareness about mental health, offering employees support through behavioral counseling services

GRESB is dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and champions equity for all. GRESB’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity policy cultivates an inclusive environment through diverse hiring practices and continuous career development opportunities. We prioritize fairness in policies, practices, and opportunities, and offer educational programs and training sessions to promote understanding and awareness of DEI principles. Moreover, the company strives to maintain an even gender balance amongst team members and values multiculturalism within the company.

GRESB does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, and bullying in any form. To complement its DEI policy, GRESB has appointed and trained two internal confidential counselors to support employees who feel they have been subjected to unwanted behavior in the workplace. Additionally, GRESB’s Whistleblower Policy encourages and protects employees who speak up when they encounter behavior in the workplace that is unethical, illegal or goes against our mission and values.

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Tanya Chen

“At GRESB, I have combined my two passions: impact investing and data analytics. Here, I can learn more about data science and grow professionally while making a positive impact.”

Aidan Versfeld

“GRESB has provided me with a great opportunity to develop my research and account management skills. I started as an intern and am now proud to say I am a research analyst on the member relations team.”

Christina Djambazca

​​’’At GRESB, I can apply my practical, problem-solving skills towards tackling the biggest issue of our generation. I get to appreciate the complexities behind providing actionable ESG insights through the various aspects of our work – from idea generation to implementing new products and services for our Members.”




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