Data exporter

The Data Exporter provides access to data points in the GRESB Real Estate and Infrastructure Assessments. The exported datasets are available in .csv and .xlsx format for custom analysis and modeling.

Benefits of the Data Exporter

The online tool provides added value for institutional investors as well as managers and operators participating in the GRESB Assessments by extracting specific data points relating to one or multiple reporting entities.

  • Access data points in the Benchmark Report and other reports offered by GRESB (e.g. Public Disclosure, Resilience) in a streamlined way.
  • Export the full set of variables (aggregates, property-type specific, issue level) to conduct custom analysis.
  • Filter by Assessment structure (e.g. Components, Aspects, Indicators) and content (e.g. variable type, input data vs. GRESB calculated data points, etc.)
  • Conduct time-series analysis over multiple reporting years.
  • Extract variables in alignment with reporting frameworks (e.g. SFDR, EPRA, PRI, TCFD, CDP, etc.)

How to use the Data Exporter

The Data Exporter is available in the GRESB Portal as part of Assessment Participation.

See guidance on how to use the Data Exporter for Real Estate and Infrastructure.