Assessment Services

GRESB offers a series of pre- and post-assessment services to help new and existing participants maximize the value from their ESG efforts. Learn more about our assessment services below.

The Response Check

The Response Check is an opportunity to receive a high-level check of an assessment prior to final submission. Carried out by a third party, Sustainability Assurance Services (formerly SRI), this assessment service features a careful review of the Assessment response followed by a one-hour discussion call wherein feedback will be given regarding any issues that were found. Feedback in the form of a report is also available.

While this service does not affect any part of the validation process, it helps reduce errors that could negatively impact the Assessment results, and ensures that the submission is completed to the highest level it can be. It will identify any inconsistent responses or answers in incorrect formats and provides the opportunity to ask for any additional guidance or clarification on GRESB Assessment indicators.

GRESB encourages all participants to use the Response Check. It was found that in 2022, applicants that utilized the Response Check scored 2.7 to 5.6 points higher on average than those that didn’t. In 2023, the deadline to request a response check is June 1, with calls scheduled between May 1 and June 24 subject to availability.

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The Review Period

The Review Period is a post-assessment service designed to strengthen the reliability of our Assessments and benchmark results. It is used in cases where a participant believes that there has been incorrect or incomplete data input, or an error in the validation decision. Open during September 1-15, review requests can be made at the reporting entity level in the GRESB Portal. While multiple review requests can be made, the participant must submit one Review Period form per entity, so that proper processing and invoicing can be achieved.

The requests are then reviewed by GRESB and its third-party validation team at Sustainability Assurance Services (formerly SRI). Requests that are asking about incorrect data input can include editing indicator responses (i.e checkbox selection), including extra documents or amending hyperlinks to support the indicator response, or editing performance data that was accidentally left out.

It is the responsibility of the participant to indicate the exact amendments (if any) that are being made to the response in the Review Period form. The GRESB team will evaluate the requests on a rolling basis and get back to the participant within five working days.

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The Results Review

A Results Review will provide the participant with an in-depth understanding of their GRESB results and position against peers. Carried out by the GRESB team, this post-assessment service includes a thorough review of the participant’s Assessment results as presented in the Benchmark report, as well as a discussion call. After the discussion call, the participant will receive a Results Review report, providing them with a detailed breakdown of the allocation of points for individual indicators.

The results review is conducted after the participant has received their assessment results, so there is not the possibility of changing the submission. However, the information given during the results review will allow the participant to hone in on how to improve their performance, identify responses that corresponded with lost points, and clarify any questions the participant has on the Assessment scoring, validation, and benchmarking. The Results Review can also provide you with helpful information and guidance for communicating your results to investors and to develop a plan for improving your performance in future years.

The Results Review is available between October 3 and April 1.

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