What is the Grace Period?

First-year participants can opt out of allowing GRESB Investors Members, or Fund Managers in the case of the Infrastructure Asset Assessment, to request access to their data and GRESB results. This is referred to as a “Grace Period.”

First-year participants wishing to report under the Grace Period can select the option on an entity-by-entity basis from the settings section in the Assessment Portal. Participants who select the “Grace Period” option can decide to unselect the option following receipt of their results. The Grace Period is not available in the second year of participation, regardless of whether it was used in the first year or not.

The “Grace Period” allows participants a year to familiarize themselves with the GRESB reporting and assessment process. The names of participating entities are still visible during the Grace Period, but GRESB Investor Members, and fund managers in the case of the Infrastructure Asset Assessment, will not be able to request to see their results.

All participants paying the participation fee (either annually or at the time of submission) will receive Benchmark Reports for all of their reporting entities, whether or not they report an entity under “Grace Period.” As such, participation fees are calculated based on the total number of reporting entities.

Read our first-year participant case studies to learn more about how firms new to GRESB begin their ESG journey and the advice they have for their peers who are just getting started with GRESB. For any questions, please contact us.