March newsletter | Assessments opening on April 1; GRESB announces REAL Solutions and REAL Benchmarks

What’s new in March

The 2024 GRESB Assessments are only a few days away! This year’s reporting period will begin on April 1. You can find all assessment-related deadlines and other key dates on the GRESB Assessment timeline page.

Make sure to join us on March 25-26 and April 2-3 for the GRESB Assessments Q&A events for real estate and infrastructure to get any last-minute questions you may have answered and to begin your assessment response with confidence. Scroll down to learn more and sign up for the events.

In addition to the Assessments opening next week, we also have exciting news, releases, and updates to share with you this month, including the release of REAL Solutions and REAL Benchmarks, and a forthcoming public consultation on the topic of building certifications. Read more below. For any questions, please contact us.

REAL Solutions & REAL Benchmarks

We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of GRESB REAL Solutions, a dynamic suite of tools designed to empower real assets managers and investors with actionable insights into the sustainability, resilience, and efficiency of assets.

Powered by aggregated asset-level data derived from GRESB’s annual real estate assessment, REAL Solutions encompasses actionable information on targets, operational performance, building certifications, energy ratings, and efficiency measures, equipping investors and managers with the right tools to understand and improve asset performance.

REAL Benchmarks is the first tool available from the REAL Solutions product family, which will be released in April. Designed for real estate managers and listed companies, REAL Benchmarks offers a customizable dashboard to privately and securely analyze the contribution of each individual asset to portfolio performance. The tool allows users to compare all or a filtered set of portfolio assets against a series of performance benchmarks derived from the GRESB database.

Read the announcement here.

Assessments Q&A events

The GRESB Inside ESG: 2024 Assessment Q&A events for real estate and infrastructure, taking place on March 25 & 26 and April 2 & 3, follow the release of the 2024 Standards & Reference Guides to provide a forum for the real assets industry to come together to discuss the GRESB Assessments and ask questions.

During these online sessions, our Member Relations Team will answer questions submitted during the registration process and asked via the chat feature during the event.

To accommodate GRESB Members across different time zones, we will be holding four sessions per asset class.

Foundation update

Public consultation on building certifications

The GRESB Real Estate Standard applies several evaluation criteria to recognize and score building certification schemes. Current criteria provide a large number of schemes with full recognition and limited information to inform scoring and analysis. Therefore, the Real Estate Standards Committee (RESC) is collaborating with industry stakeholders to:

  • Elevate best-in-class schemes, encouraging broader adoption within the industry
  • Refine the list of accepted schemes, recognizing those with the greatest credibility and impact
  • Enhance transparency on key evaluation metrics, informing investment decision-making

Learn more about the public consultation and sign up to provide your feedback here.

Infrastructure Standards Committee (ISC) update

The ISC has recently discussed the importance of data coverage, agreeing on the need to develop changes to reward coverage across all key performance metrics in 2025. Understanding data coverage levels allows data consumers to make more informed management decisions while also opening the door to developing other insights and comparisons over time and between entities. Furthermore, the Committee unanimously agreed on the need to standardize Scope 2 reporting across all reporting entities and will score location-based reporting while also allowing for the option to report market-based values. This approach provides consistency across all reporting entities, while also acknowledging the importance of market-based efforts from infrastructure actors.

GRESB Foundation update 

The Foundation Board recently hosted its annual in-person meeting in London and the overarching theme was “Savvy investors look beyond the simple GRESB Score.” To provide investors with value beyond a simple numerical score, the Foundation is discussing how to:

  • Reduce reporting burden to help GRESB Members efficiently address their regulatory and voluntary data demands
  • Provide decision-useful information to investors to better inform the ongoing dialogue with managers
  • Mitigate against greenwashing to support the efficient flow of capital toward sustainable assets

A critical part of this effort involves improving communication with Investor Members, who have recently begun receiving a quarterly update from the Foundation. Investor Members are also encouraged to register for the upcoming Investor Masterclass, which will be held virtually and in person in Melbourne, Australia, on May 14 at 10am AEST/May 13 at 8pm EDT and express interest in attending an Investor Masterclass (virtual and in person) in London, UK on May 21.

All Members are also welcome to send any questions for the Foundation to [email protected].

The Pulse by GRESB

The Pulse by GRESB is a new content series featuring the GRESB team, partners, GRESB Foundation members, and other experts. You can find the series on Spotify, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Listen to the latest episodes below:

Case studies

GRESB case studies explore the many ways our community uses GRESB, looking at how our Investor Members and managers engage with our data and integrate GRESB into their investment processes and decision-making. View our latest case study:

Revolutionizing waste management: Sino Land’s circular innovation in Hong Kong | Sino Land Company Limited

Contribute to GRESB Insights

GRESB articles

GRESB staff also weighed in on important topics this month. Read our latest insights on value-added and opportunistic funds, decarbonization targets, and the importance of infrastructure development in emerging markets below:

Upcoming industry events

Net Zero Construction Summit | March 26 | Sydney, Australia

This event is a platform for industry leaders to discuss policies, strategies, materials, and technologies necessary for decarbonizing building and infrastructure construction.

PCA Future Cities Summit | March 27 | Sydney, Australia

Attendees will meet with property leaders for an immersive day exploring Australia’s urban future. Engage with industry leaders, take advantage of networking opportunities, and contribute to discussions on critical urban challenges.

Navigating Aotearoa’s Climate Standards | April 4 | online | GRESB

Join representatives from real asset managers and investors in Aotearoa (New Zealand) as they discuss what benefits carbon disclosure will bring to your property assets.

ULI Spring Meeting | April 9-11 | New York City, USA

The ULI Spring Meeting is an unparalleled opportunity to network with peers, engage in discussions on industry forces, and gain insights from renowned speakers. This event also includes exclusive tours, Q&A sessions, and roundtable discussions.

PERE Europe Forum 2024 | April 15-17 | London, UK

Attendees will gain industry-leading insights into opportunities across private real estate markets in Europe by connecting with institutional investors, fund and asset managers, developers, and strategic partners.

GBCI Europe Circle 2024 | April 17-19 | Athens, Greece

With this year’s theme, “Healthy human capital,” GBCI Europe Circle 2024 will investigate social value in the built environment with a four-pillar framework: community, nature, human health, and economy.

ANREV China Conference | April 18 | Shanghai, China

This year’s conference theme, “Unlocking Opportunities — Exploring China’s Real Estate Landscape and Strategies for Success,” draws industry leaders, movers and shakers, and sector experts to delve into China’s real estate industry.

INREV Annual Conference | April 22-24 | Berlin, Germany

Hear from seasoned industry veterans to navigate topical real estate challenges and gain insights into evolving needs from leading lenders and tenants.

GRESB Americas Institutional Investor Forum | May 14 | New York City

Join RELPI and GRESB’s day-long conference focusing on best practices in sustainability and accelerating industry change. The event features 25 institutional investors and consultants.

See our events calendar for a full overview of upcoming events.


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