GRESB’s 2023 in review: Progress and milestones

2023 has been an extremely productive year at GRESB, marked by the release of important new features and continuous technical improvements to ensure that our investor members, participants, and partners can make the most of their GRESB membership and capitalize on their sustainability efforts.

Among the many initiatives carried out in 2023, we are proud to share a few highlights:

  • The GRESB Transition Risk Report underwent important updates twice in the past year: First, in March, when the report was updated with the new CRREM pathways; and more recently, in October, when the report was updated with 2023 data and new functionalities such as percentage of ownership, benchmarking insights, market-based emissions, and much more.
  • In August, GRESB launched a much anticipated “Customize Peer Group” functionality to allow real estate participants to either confirm their predefined peer group, as defined by GRESB, or submit edits to the peer grouping criteria. The feature was released in test phase and developed in response to industry feedback.
  • GRESB’s investor tools also underwent significant improvements in 2023, with a more user-friendly Data Exporter now featuring multiple filters and a save functionality, and an updated Portfolio Analysis Tool now allowing investors to better customize their analysis and input percentage of ownership, among other enhancements. 2024 will see further improvements and new features, so stay tuned!
  • Additionally, as of late 2023, GRESB’s non-listed Investor Members can now request access to managers’ Transition Risk Report, TCFD Alignment Report, and SFDR Reporting Solution for additional timely insights to inform their investment decisions. Investors can also express interest in these reports to managers who have not yet purchased them.
  • As our regional teams and global footprint continue to expand, GRESB is also creating tailored content and pathways for our regions. In 2023, we launched two new regional newsletters: “GRESB Quarterly, Americas,” and most recently “GRESB Quarterly, Oceania.”
  • In late 2023, GRESB shared the release of a brand-new GRESB Infrastructure Development Asset Assessment to better cater to the needs of assets in the construction or pre-construction phase. The new assessment provides infrastructure assets in development with a way to accurately reflect their overall sustainability efforts using dynamic materiality.
  • Throughout the year, the GRESB Portal saw multiple upgrades and technical enhancements. Users now enjoy a faster experience, with the Portal running twice as swiftly as it did in 2022. Moreover, we have amped up the speed of the Data Exporter and improved the GRESB Third Party validation process, enabling more granular validation while minimizing the risk of human errors.

Looking ahead to 2024, GRESB investor members, participants, and partners can anticipate even more innovative improvements, timely products, and enhanced functionalities that will further assist them on their sustainability journey, empowering them to navigate ESG challenges with greater precision and effectiveness.