GRESB launches updates to investor tools, increasing usability

GRESB is pleased to share a new set of functionalities for the Data Exporter and Portfolio Analysis Tool (PAT). These improvements are the result of extensive investor engagement throughout 2023, as well as feedback collected through the 2022 GRESB Investor Member Survey.

Beginning in October, investors will be able to use a more user-friendly interface in the Data Exporter, featuring multiple filters, and an updated PAT which will allow investors to better customize their analysis.

Data Exporter functionalities now include new indicators reflecting the 2023 Assessment changes and a save functionality. In the coming weeks, investors will also gain the ability to:

  • Add portfolio impact data for infrastructure funds
  • Access enhanced guidance material
  • Access SFDR data

The Portfolio Analysis Tool now includes a custom weighting feature which will provide investors with the ability to input percentage of ownership of a selected entity.

Both tools have also undergone design and performance improvements to increase their usability.

Moreover, we are excited to share that starting in November investors will also be able to request access to non-listed participants’ TCFD Alignment Report and Transition Risk Report from within the GRESB Portal. Investors can already request access to non-listed participants’ SFDR Report as of September.

For any questions, contact the GRESB Member Relations team.

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