Transition Risk Report Updates

We are pleased to share that the GRESB Transition Risk Report has been updated with 2023 data and new functionalities to provide you with even more valuable insights into your portfolio. 

In addition to leveraging 2023 data, the report has several updates:

  • Percentage of ownership: The report now takes into account the percentage of ownership when aggregating your portfolio’s transition risk, providing a more accurate view of the transition risk associated with your investments.
  • Benchmarking insights: You can now see how your portfolio compares to all assets in the database that match the composition of your portfolio.
  • Market-based emissions: The report now incorporates insights into market-based emissions.
  • Excel download of asset-level data: You can now request an Excel download of asset-level data, offering you greater flexibility and control over the data you need.
  • Investor access: Investors will soon be able to request access to the Transition Risk Report and participants now have the ability to add comments to their report as additional context for investors.
  • Unit of measurement: The report is now available in square feet for participants that have used this unit of measurement to report in the Real Estate Assessment.

Starting this year, investors will be able to request access to the Transition Risk Report via the GRESB Portal. To make this process smooth, participants can now add comments to their report for investors.

GRESB continues to improve the Transition Risk Report and add new features to ensure that it remains a valuable tool to help tackle sustainability and investment challenges.  

For any questions on the report or the recent updates, please reach out to the GRESB Member Relations team. Ready to purchase the report? You can find purchase details here.

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