September newsletter | Get ready for GRESB results on Oct. 2; Asset Impact launches new emissions scopes data module

What’s new in September

In just a few days, final GRESB Benchmark Reports will be released to participants and investors. You will be able to access the results on October 2 by logging in to the GRESB Portal.

The aggregate public benchmark data for real estate and infrastructure will be published on the GRESB website on October 17, coinciding with our Global Results Event.

As a reminder, there will be no embargo for GRESB members this year, which means you can publicly communicate your GRESB results once you have received your final Benchmark Report on October 2.

To help participants get their communications ready, we have provided marketing collateral, including logos, example press releases, and off-the-shelf quotes on our website. This page may be updated with more resources between now and October 17.

For a refresher on how to read your Benchmark Report, consult the following guidance:

​​​For any questions, please contact us.

2023 GRESB Participant survey

Thank you for taking part in the 2023 GRESB Assessments. Your participation underscores the unwavering commitment of the real assets industry to fostering ESG transparency and performance.

​​​​​Please take a moment to participate in our 2023 GRESB Participant Survey. Your insights and feedback are crucial in helping us enhance our services and drive sustainability improvements across the industry.

Asset Impact launches Emissions Scopes module

Last week, Asset Impact, a subsidiary of GRESB and a trailblazer in creating forward-looking climate profiles for investable companies and their physical assets, announced the launch of a new “Emissions Scopes” data module, which breaks down a company’s current and future emissions into their respective scopes 1, 2, and 3.

The new module enhances carbon accounting and offers critical data granularity, enabling financial institutions to make informed decisions and set sectoral decarbonization targets.

Read the press release

Global Results Event | Oct. 17

Join us online for our GRESB Global Results Event on October 17.

Real assets have been significantly exposed to global issues over the last year. Fires, floods, heat waves, and post-COVID economic shocks have all taken a toll. These, combined with energy security concerns and pockets of political grandstanding, present investors and managers with a complex set of sustainability issues and opportunities.

What does this all mean for you and your sustainability-related efforts? Join us as we dive into the important topics of the day:

  • Our annual update on the state of real asset sustainability and ESG
  • The evolution of GRESB and a response to a complex ESG landscape
  • Top development priorities of the GRESB Foundation and the GRESB Standards
  • This year’s benchmark results, at a global and regional level
  • Achievements and leaders across the GRESB community

To help facilitate participation across time zones, this year’s GRESB Global Results Event will feature four online sessions — two for each asset class.

View the sessions and register here.

Interested in diving deeper into our regional numbers and trends? Check out our full list of upcoming in-market Regional Insights events, hosted in collaboration with our Partners.

Foundation update

NewFoundation Board Chair

The Foundation Board recently welcomed a new Chair: Kathleen (Katie) Jowett. Katie has been actively involved with GRESB since 2010, serving in leadership positions on the Real Estate Advisory Board, the Real Estate Benchmark Committee, and now on the Foundation Board. The GRESB Foundation is extremely appreciative for her 13 years of passion and dedication, and we are excited for her to continue to support the development of the Standards as investor-led and industry-relevant.

2024 Standards changes

The Foundation Board met this month to review all the proposed changes for the 2024 Real Estate and Infrastructure Standards. Topics under discussion include residential real estate, energy consumption and performance, GHG performance, building certifications, TCFD alignment, physical climate risk and transition risk, and a solution for infrastructure under development. All approved changes to next year’s standards will be released next month, alongside the Foundation’s workplan.

Expert Resource Group (ERG) application open

GRESB has recently re-opened the Expert Resource Group application and we encourage our global members to apply. In the coming months, there will be several opportunities for engagement with and feedback to the Foundation. We are extremely appreciative of this valuable resource of informed, thoughtful, and motivated group of stakeholders.

Contribute to GRESB Insights

Through GRESB Insights, we seek to highlight case studies on ESG integration in real assets, data-driven analyses into how the industry is responding to sustainability challenges, and educational articles exploring topics covered in the GRESB Assessments.

The theme this month was “Net zero/carbon neutrality.” Below are the latest GRESB Insights on this and other rolling topics:

See all of our GRESB Insights here. Next month’s topic is Keeping up with regulations.

Submit an article here.

Upcoming events

Smart Built Environment Forum | October 3-4 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Focused on the MENA region, the forum will cover industry topics such as real estate, facility management, community management, property management, and proptech. GRESB’s Anna Olink, Director of Real Estate Engagement, will speak on the topic of net zero.

Side event @ PRI in Person: Net zero and Climate Resilience in Real Estate | October 3 | Tokyo, Japan

Hosted by CSR Design, GRESB, and Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century, this side event will explore climate change issues in real estate, discussing topics from both Japanese/Asian and global perspectives. GRESB’s Ruben Langbroek, Head of Asia Pacific, and Roxana Isaiu, Chief Product Officer, will be speaking at the event.

ANREV Annual Conference | October 11-12 | Tokyo, Japan

Exploring opportunities in the Asia-Pacific real estate market, this event features presentations on global economic interdependencies, discussions on real estate investment trends, and more.

ESG: Sustainable Transformation | October 12-13 | Warsaw, Poland

This event will navigate the evolving landscape of sustainability-driven changes affecting enterprises, financial and real estate markets, and local government institutions. GRESB’s Anna Olink, Director of Business Development, EMEA, will speak on the importance of ESG benchmarks in the real estate market.

UN World Investment Forum | October 16-20 | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Held every two years and bringing together stakeholders from 160 countries, this forum is a global platform addressing investment and development challenges. GRESB’s Chief Innovation Officer Chris Pyke will be participating in a closed-doors discussion on the topic of net-zero finance.

PREA 33rd Annual Institutional Investor Conference | October 18-20 | Boston, USA

This conference discusses emerging technologies and their transformative effects on the real estate sector, with experts sharing their perspectives on how data processing and digital infrastructure are reshaping the industry.

RICS World Built Environment Forum – Europe | October 19-20 | Venice, Italy

Join GRESB’s Erik Landry, Director of Climate Change, at this event to learn about effective decarbonization of the European built environment and sustainable investment practices amidst a global economic downturn.

CRE Climate Global Leadership Summit | October 23-25 | Stockholm, Sweden

Hosted by CREtech, this is the second event in a new conference series offering unique perspectives from a carefully curated, diverse group of built world sustainability thought leaders.

HERA 2023 Forum & Awards | October 26 | Hong Kong

Join GRESB for the Hong Kong ESG Reporting (HERA) Awards ceremony, rewarding organizations in Asia for Best ESG Report, Best Sustainability Report for Non-listed Company, Best GRI Report, Excellence in ESG Governance, Newcomer Award, and Outstanding Improvement Award.

2023 BRE China Awards | October 30 | Shanghai, China

BRE China is hosting 2023 BRE China Awards to recognize the projects and organizations that are leading the way with significant achievements in sustainable building design, development, and management. The BRE-GRESB joint awards will recognize Best Performing Entity, ESG Leadership, and ESG Substantial Impact.

ESG Investment Leader: Europe 2023 | November 2 | London, UK

The summit brings together senior investment officers and ESG and responsible investing experts as well as risk, operations, and data professionals to discuss the challenges and opportunities in ESG investing. GRESB’s David Thomas, Business Development Director, Infrastructure EMEA, will be speaking.

See our events calendar for a full overview of upcoming events.

GBI Board of Directors

Green Building Initiative (GBI) is now accepting applications for individuals to join its Board of Directors for the 2024 board term and beyond.

This is a valuable opportunity for those passionate about GBI’s mission and promoting sustainable, healthy, and resilient buildings for all. Learn more and apply here.


GRESB is growing and looking for new people! Please feel free to share with your network.

​​​Our most recently added open positions:

Working Student – Finance and Business Support | Amsterdam, Netherlands

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