GRESB Newsletter | The 2022 reporting season is approaching

The GRESB Portal will be open for the 2022 reporting period on April 1. Although we’ll be releasing fully updated guidance material on March 1, you can already start preparing for this year’s assessment by taking a look at the 2022 GRESB Assessment pre-releases. As a reminder, the 2022 Assessment timeline is as follows:

  • March 1: Assessment reference guides will become available
  • April 1: GRESB Portal opens
  • June 1: Deadline to request a Response Check
  • July 1: GRESB Portal closes for the 2022 Assessment
  • September 1: Preliminary results are provided to participants
  • October 3: Release of the 2022 GRESB Results

Participant guidance & training

You can find a step-by-step guide on completing the 2022 Assessments on our Participant Guidance page. Looking for some assessment tips and tricks or guidance on data coverage? Our network of partners can help give you more direction and assist with any reporting needs.

​​​​​​​​Online training is available to GRESB Members and Partners. If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so by getting in touch via our contact form. We are also hosting live Q&A sessions in mid-April to accompany the online training course.

GRESB Foundation


The GRESB Foundation has completed recruitment for the Real Estate Standards Committee and the Infrastructure Standards Committee to oversee the development and maintenance of GRESB Standards. You can find more information on the role of the Standards Committees and the full list of appointees here.

We are still seeking nominations for Expert Resource Groups, who will be responsible for providing technical expertise, industry resources and guidance through various Working Groups. The deadline to apply is March 10. Find out more here.

GRESB TCFD Alignment Report Demo


Join us for a product demo webinar on our new TCFD Alignment Report, followed by a Q&A session. We will provide a quick overview of TCFD and show how your participation in the GRESB Assessments already sets you up to understand how your climate-related processes relate to the TCFD recommendations and where gaps exist.

Europe, North America & Asia Pacific | March 10

Contribute to GRESB Insights

Through GRESB Insights, we seek to highlight case studies on ESG integration in real assets, data-driven analyses into how the industry is responding to sustainability challenges, and educational articles exploring topics covered in the GRESB Assessments.

This year we have expanded the scope of the GRESB editorial calendar to include both fixed monthly topics and the opportunity for partners and members to contribute to topics of sustained interest to the wider community. Next month’s topic is “Regulatory Environment”. For more, see our 2022 GRESB editorial calendar.

Upcoming events you can join us at

For a more detailed overview of upcoming events please visit our events page.


IGCC 2022 Climate Change Investment and Finance Summit | February 28

  • Be a part of the Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) 2022 Summit, a unique event where investors come together to discuss the financial implications of climate change policy and the latest in investment practice.

TRANSFORM Green Building Council Australia | March 23 – March 24

  • TRANSFORM will unpack the challenges, reveal solutions that can be implemented today, and provide inspiration and insights into how we can accelerate a thriving future

The Property Congress | March 28 – March 30

  • This annual event for people across the property industry to learn from Australian and international experts and leaders across the diverse range of occupations and specializations that make up Australia’s world-leading property industry.

RI Australia 2022 | April 6 – April 7

  • RI Australia 2022 is about thriving in the new era of responsible investment. With unprecedented growth of assets under management now being invested responsibly, it’s no longer enough to simply claim you’re doing responsible investment.

Asset Allocation Australia Summit | May 5

  • As Australia moves on from lockdowns and a state of emergency this timely event will allow for peer networking and robust discussion amongst the decision makers in the nation’s leading institutional investors.


Shaping The Future of Finance | March 11

  • The “Shaping the Future of Finance“ Chair is an educational project that gives a particular look at the sustainable finance issues and responsible leadership that are at the core of ESSEC values and pioneering spirit. Anna Olink, EMEA Business Development Director at GRESB, will be speaking at this event.

MIPIM  | March 15 – March 18

  • Join MIPIM to hear about the new tools available to reimagine and transform physical spaces— our homes, offices, factories, farms, healthcare facilities and public spaces—to be more adaptive, customized and even anticipate new needs before they arise.

Infrastructure Investor Global Summit | March 21 – March 24

  • The Global Summit 2022 is putting sustainability and diversity at the heart of the infrastructure investment agenda.

BREEAM Summit 2022 | March 22

  • The event will focus on ESG and Net Zero Carbon for real estate, developers, financiers, insurers, funds and other major stakeholders, featuring talks and debates with industry thought leaders.

IPF Research: Pathways to Net Zero in Real Estate | March 23

  • Join Verco’s webinar “IPF Research: Pathways to net zero in real estate, insights from the Verco research team”, on March 23rd to learn more about the research published by IPF into the transition of global real estate to net-zero carbon emissions.

CREtech Climate Global Leadership Summit | May 17 – May 19

  • As the climate crisis grows more dire each day, and the entire world begins to focus on the real estate industry’s role as the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, there is no greater urgency to gather the world’s leading professionals to tackle this existential threat.


PERE Global Investor Forum San Francisco | May 18 – May 19

  • Discover offshore investment opportunities and fuel your fundraising at the PERE Global Investor Forum: San Francisco


RI Japan 2022 | May 24 – May 25

  • Join opinion leaders from Japan and abroad to discover how urgent theoretical and practical issues can marry with the vision for a new era of capitalism in a sustainability-conscious world.

2022 ULI Asia Pacific Summit | May 24 – May 26

  • Despite the challenges Hong Kong has faced in the past years — from city wide protests and now the pandemic — the city has remained resilient and is on the rebound. The 2022 summit program is set to be a celebration of the city’s strengths with global themes that offer vision and optimism for our industry.

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