GRESB TCFD Reporting Tool Demo | Asia Pacific

Originally voluntary in scope, plans to make TCFD reporting mandatory are growing in a number of jurisdictions. GRESB is here to help!

As climate-related risks (both transition and physical) become increasingly recognized as material factors for consideration in financial decision-making, global standard-setting institutions, financial institutions, and regulatory authorities are looking to the TCFD as the basis for climate-related reporting.

Join us on March 10 for a product demo webinar on our new TCFD Alignment Report, followed by a Q&A session. We will provide a quick overview of TCFD and show how your participation in the GRESB Assessments already sets you up to understand how your climate-related processes relate to the TCFD recommendations and where gaps exist.

The Asia Pacific demo will take place at
5:30 pm AEDT | 2:30 pm SGT | 3:30 pm JST

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