Shaping The Future of Finance

The “Shaping the Future of Finance“ Chair is an educational project that aims to complement the offer of the Finance Department. The Chair seeks to have a transversal view on the forces that are shaping the future financial industry. The Chair gives a particular look at the sustainable finance issues and responsible leadership that are at the core of ESSEC values and pioneering spirit.


  • To attract the outstanding ESSEC students in finance with personal links through common activities, experiences and exposures
  • To develop knowledge on challenges that shape the future of financial industry
  • To develop partnership with financial institutions engaged in responsible investment
  • To raise awareness on the importance of sustainability in finance
  • To identify the best practices in the financial industry to spread positive changes
  • To promote a long-term view of value creation


Anna Olink, EMEA Business Development Director at GRESB, will be speaking at this event.

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