Sustainability insights for strategic advantage

Institutional investors now expect fund managers and asset operators to integrate sustainability and ESG considerations into their business. This means collecting reliable data and reporting on sustainability performance so that it’s transparent and comparable to other investments.

In today’s investment landscape, sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is not just a trend or reporting burden—it’s a critical factor for success, building organizational resilience and delivering improved returns. Globally, governments, investors, and society as a whole are increasingly turning their attention towards the need for sustainable and resilient real assets. 

Starting to measure, report, and improve sustainability performance can offer opportunities to more easily access capital, engage investors, manage risk, stay ahead of regulations, and improve financial returns. 

How to make the most of sustainability insights? 

Sustainability-related insights derived from the fund- and asset-level details can deliver significant advantage.

  • Improved financial performance: increase the value of your funds, asset by asset
  • Risk management: proactively address and mitigate sustainability-related risks 
  • Operational efficiency: identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve performance
  • Compliance & competitive edge: meet regulatory requirements and exceed investor expectations
  • Enhanced reputation: attract more investors by demonstrating commitment to sustainable practices

Introducing the GRESB Assessment: the investors’ preferred way to access detailed ESG insights

Every year, thousands of real estate and infrastructure asset managers and operators submit to the GRESB Assessment. It asks questions related to governance process, approach to social issues, environmental performance and energy consumption to produce high-quality, detailed and material ESG data and insights. 

  • Streamlined: Our platform simplifies the reporting process, making it easier for you to focus on what really matters
  • Standardized: A comparable and consistent approach and methodology that investors appreciate
  • Comprehensive and material: Focus on the most significant and impactful aspects of ESG for your asset or fund  
  • Validated: Your data is collected, validated, assessed and then peer benchmarked over an annual reporting period
  • Actionable: High-quality data and ESG insights, detailed feedback and recommendations to enhance your ESG strategy and attract investors
Watch the top 5 reasons to join GRESB in 2024

How your peers are using GRESB

Companies and other entities in the real estate and infrastructure industries are measuring their sustainability performance within a standardized and globally recognized framework.

Getting started with GRESB

Managers participating in GRESB Assessments for the first time have many options that can help them get started on the right foot, such as opting for a grace period, in which they can keep results confidential for the first year, requesting a Pre-Submission Check, or focusing only on the Management Component in the first year. 

Getting started with GRESB as early as possible is essential to start benefitting from the rapid year-on-year improvements we see from most participants and to show investors your commitment to sustainability. 

The GRESB Assessments open in April and submissions are accepted until the end of June, with preliminary and final results made available in September and October, respectively. 

Top 5 reasons to join GRESB in 2024

Get recognized for your efforts, improve your performance, or kick start data collection by getting in touch with our experts today.  


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