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EVORA Global is an independent, pan-European sustainability consultancy and software provider with specialist expertise in the real estate investment sector.

Since 2011, EVORA has been delivering an exceptional level of ESG services to many of Europe’s largest investment funds, with business fluency in multiple European languages and offices across Europe.

Clients include Deutsche Asset Management, Schroder Real Estate, Grosvenor Estates and Hines.

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GRESB Involvement

Expert GRESB Support

In 2020 they supported approximately 20% of European based GRESB submissions. They consistently help clients to improve their GRESB score year-on-year and support them in achieving sector leader status.

EVORA’s expert consultants can offer end-to-end solutions, from the development of ESG strategy to rolling out energy optimisation plans at an asset level and identify improvement opportunities to improve performance and increase GRESB scores.

To complement their GRESB Global Real Estate Partnership, EVORA also became GRESB Global Partners for Infrastructure in 2020 and successfully supported a number GRESB Infrastructure submissions.

SIERA Software – reliable GRESB reporting

EVORA’s support services are facilitated by their market-leading software – SIERA – a practical, innovative and easy-to-use environmental management software system. SIERA is used across the real estate investment sector with data intelligence provided to more than 40 international investment management companies.

Furthermore, SIERA’s Net Zero Carbon module allows clients to effectively plot a pathway to reducing their carbon emissions and helps them to understand where best to target their net zero efforts.

SIERA is the only ESG software on the market which uses forward-looking data intelligence to explore future scenarios, meaning you no longer have to rely on historical data for your sustainability reporting.

In 2020 SIERA managed sustainability information from assets with a Gross Asset Value of over $118,500bn. The software functionality allows clients to report reliable data to GRESB and develop dashboards to assist in internal and external reporting to investors.

Leading sustainability solutions

With their core business areas of EVORA consultancy and SIERA software, they have quickly established themselves as a leading European one stop shop’ of sustainability solutions.

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