Navigating sustainable financing in commercial real estate debt


Our industry is engaged in an important dialogue to improve sustainability through ESG transparency and industry collaboration. This article is a contribution to this larger conversation and does not necessarily reflect GRESB’s position.

Introducing the latest insight from EVORA Global: “Navigating Sustainable Financing in Commercial Real Estate Debt.” This article explores the growth of sustainable debt in real estate, comparing how equity and debt investments approach sustainability.

The article delves into the driving forces behind the rise of sustainability in real estate debt, including reducing carbon, adapting to regulations, managing reputation, and effective risk management.

Practical advice on how to enhance real estate sustainability is provided through EVORA’s CRE8 Sustainability Principles. These principles guide you through the importance of establishing a strong structure, following standards, integrating sustainability into decision-making, using the right tools, staying engaged, ensuring necessary disclosures, constantly evaluating progress, and seeking expertise.

Elevate your understanding and practice of sustainable financing with EVORA’s latest insights and CRE8 Sustainability Principles.

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