Now available on demand | GRESB Foundation Town Hall: 2024 Roadmap & Standards

The GRESB Foundation Town Hall: 2024 Roadmap & Standards, held online on November 29, 2023, provided a comprehensive update on the GRESB 2024 Standards changes. Sarah Welton, Director of Foundation & Stakeholder Engagement at GRESB, highlighted the critical role of industry engagement in shaping the GRESB Standards. As an independent non-profit organization, the GRESB Foundation plays a pivotal role in fostering effective communication between investors and managers, while continually evolving the GRESB Standards to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

The event featured presentations from Joss Blamire, Director, Infrastructure, and Secretary to the Infrastructure Standards Committee, and Charles van Thiel, Director, Real Estate, and Secretary to the Real Estate Standards Committee. Blamire introduced the brand-new GRESB Infrastructure Development Asset Assessment — a significant development in the 2024 GRESB Standards — launching in 2024. This announcement aligns with the broader roadmap for 2024, which outlines priorities in leadership, operational performance, policy and regulation, and data quality. The enhancements also include a focused approach to net zero, data coverage rewards, and opportunities related to climate change.

Van Thiel announced significant changes to the 2024 Standards, including the introduction of independent energy efficiency scoring, certification years as a scoring multiplier, and enhanced granularity through country-specific benchmarks. The ongoing tactical review emphasizes streamlining standards, reducing reporting burdens, and promoting scoring differentiation. These updates showcase the commitment of the GRESB Foundation to proactive industry alignment and strategic evolution.

Attendees were actively encouraged to submit questions during the town hall, with the Member Relations team available to provide answers either in real-time or through follow-up emails. Looking ahead, the 2025 Standards are set to build on this momentum, with a continued emphasis on net zero and the improvement of performance data. Stakeholders are welcome to provide feedback and engage with the GRESB Foundation on the GRESB Standards, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive approach to industry advancements within the GRESB framework. For any questions or to share feedback, please email [email protected]

Watch a recording of the event below. To learn more about the GRESB Foundation 2024 Roadmap and Standards, visit this page.