GRESB Quarterly, Americas | GRESB Americas Team expands, expert tips from Conservice, upcoming RELPI/GRESB LP investor event in NYC

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Q1 2023

Welcome to the first edition of GRESB Quarterly, Americas, a new quarterly newsletter fully focused on the Americas region.

Our Americas team and Americas-based partners will share the latest industry news, trends, and updates about the region, as well as relevant events and thought leadership for GRESB members and participants either located or interested in the Americas.

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Welcome from the Americas team

“What a difference a year makes!” Since early 2022, the dedicated GRESB Americas staff has grown from a single person to a team of six full-time professionals. This larger team is solely dedicated to the growth and support of GRESB Members on this half of the globe. While we have met with hundreds of you already, we have more work to do and look forward to speaking with everyone in 2023.

Your current GRESB Americas Team:

We are very pleased to introduce this newsletter which focuses on the topics, issues, and information most relevant to the Americas region. We will also use this space to highlight the partners, regulations, and events that will likely be of greatest interest in your local markets.

GRESB continues to invest heavily across our entire organization to match its global growth. The Americas region is a prime example of this incredible expansion. Our global mission to provide financial markets with actionable insights, ESG data, and benchmarks has never been stronger. And our vision of an investment industry that plays a central role in creating a sustainable world has never felt more important.

Please read through this content carefully and provide us your feedback on what is most useful. We always deeply appreciate your continued support of GRESB.

Tom Idzal

GRESB like you mean it

In building a foundation for the future, you need data that’s rich and ingestible. In our recent webinar, “GRESB like you mean it: Working smarter, not harder, for ESG success,” GRESB and Conservice provide strategies for streamlining your GRESB submissions.

We discuss how to get your data, how to get started with GRESB, and adapting strategies for continued GRESB success through the years.

As “The Utility Experts” for over 20 years, Conservice has helped real estate owners and operators keep the lights on (sometimes literally), recover utility costs for businesses, and craft and implement robust ESG initiatives.

Conservice has been a proud partner of GRESB for nearly a decade. We are honored to share and support their commitment to enhancing communities and making our planet a better place to live.

Looking to strengthen your GRESB submission? Watch our recent webinar, now on-demand!

How to prepare for a successful reporting period

With the GRESB Assessments just around the corner, we want to help real estate and infrastructure participants navigate the assessment process with ease and feel fully prepared for the reporting period.

For this reason, GRESB has released a participant guide that breaks down the process into manageable steps and outlines the actions you can take to ensure a successful submission.

Upcoming Americas events

Thanks to our Global Partner Conservice for sponsoring and contributing to this newsletter.