2024 SFDR Assessments now open

We are pleased to share that the 2024 GRESB SFDR Assessments for both infrastructure and real estate are now open.

SFDR continues to be a crucial ESG regulation for European investors and global investors with exposure to the EU. GRESB’s SFDR Reporting Solution is designed to help managers with Article 8 and 9 meet the most arduous part of the regulation – reporting on product-level Principal Adverse Impacts – while gaining valuable business insights.

In response to investor feedback, the 2024 SFDR Reporting Solution has undergone important updates aimed at improving the user experience in reporting on product- and entity-level ESG practices for Article 8 or 9 Funds, including:

  • The report will now capture two years’ worth of data, in compliance with the latest regulatory requirements
  • Assets are now able to document the actions taken to support thorough reporting
  • Last year’s SFDR data is automatically pre-filled
  • Investors receive direct access to SFDR data via the Data Exporter
  • The SFDR Assessment for real estate has been tailored to address the needs of real estate funds

These features are in addition to the 2023 updates that allowed investors to request access to SFDR data and reports via the GRESB Portal.

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