Webinar: Three good reasons to align your net zero property ambition with NABERS UK Ratings

Members of the Verco Real Estate, Deliver for Zero team will present a guide to NABERS UK and the benefits that other real estate organisations are enjoying as a result of NABERS verification. NABERS UK instigator Robert Cohen and NABERS Assessor Phil Tower will present:

  1. A brief guide to the what and how of NABERS ratings
    Understand what is being assessed by NABERS ratings, how they are calculated and the process requirements and costs of getting a rating.
  2. Three good reasons to use the NABERS ratings
    Get a feel for the value of the NABERS rating with case study examples of the benefits their clients have enjoyed.
  3. Considerations checklist- pros and cons of the alternatives
    NABERS is not the only way and you might be weighing up other options. NABERS will give an overview of the alternatives to help you in your decision making.


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