The UK Sustainable Infrastructure Policy & Investment Summit 2022

The UK Sustainable Infrastructure Policy 038 Investment Summit 2022

The 18th annual edition of the UK Infrastructure Policy & Investment Summit will be held shortly after the prime ministerial leadership contest has concluded. It is clear that, whichever candidate prevails, the direction of travel on infrastructure policy is unlikely to change significantly. The twin imperatives of net zero and levelling up will remain and the new prime minister is highly likely to push ahead with important measures, such as the recently published Energy Security Bill.

Furthermore, the record temperatures this summer have encouraged support across the political spectrum for an acceleration of investment in renewables infrastructure, as well as a realisation that existing economic infrastructure may not be fit for purpose as the UK’s climate continues to change.

The 2022 Summit comprises two days. The morning of day one focuses on how the government’s policies of net zero, energy security and levelling up will shape the infrastructure project pipeline, the impact of climate adaptation, the role of the Infrastructure Bank, the industry perspective on the opportunities and challenges ahead, the potential for institutional investment with the reform on Solvency II and the latest innovations in infrastructure finance. In the afternoon, we examine ESG considerations in infrastructure investment, the nuclear energy renaissance and the scaling up of offshore wind to meet the government’s ambitious targets.

At the start of day two, we will look at the rebuilding of Ukraine’s infrastructure and the Foreign Secretary’s plans for a Ukraine-UK Private Finance Partnership to support this massive undertaking. This will be followed by sessions on the future of private finance of the UK rail industry, how levelling-up can be achieved through strategic investment in economic assets, and best practice in managing the hand back and expiry of PFI projects. The afternoon focuses on increasing the supply of EV charging infrastructure to keep up with demand, new business models to harness investment in hydrogen and unlocking the potential of carbon capture & storage technologies.

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