The GRESB Standard: Systematics, Experiences and Challenges in Practice

The GRESB standard is perhaps the most important ESG standard in the real estate sector in the Anglo-Saxon world. In the German real estate industry, the standard has partially arrived, but there are also other initiatives such as ECORE or house-specific solutions. However, especially real estate asset managers who want to work for an international institutional investor clientele have to follow GRESB.

The following questions will be answered during a short panel discussion:

How is the GRESB standard structured?
What do the results say and what not?
Who applies the standard in Germany?
Who should apply the standard in Germany?
What is the relation to other standards like ECORE etc.? Are there any overlaps?
What are the experiences of the users in practice?
Where are the problems in practice?
How is the work distributed between asset manager and property manager?
What data needs to be collected and what hurdles are there in practice?
Where are the advantages and where are the weaknesses of GRESB?

Please note this event will be held in German.

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