The Green Real Estate 2022 – Beyond Net-Zero

After a few years of interruption, The Green Real Estate is back stronger and bolder. As we are writing this, the world is on fire and Europe is experiencing heat waves like no other. In the acceleration of such freak events, we get a preview of where we are heading and feel more than ever compelled to take the much needed drastic measures towards net zero and beyond. The building industry must not just follow carbon emission reductions mandated by conservative policies, it must drive them beyond the acceptable limits to not compromise our livelihoods. Accounting for a thirds of global emissions, we hold in the built environment a powerful catalyzer for positive change.

From taking advantage of site and climatic conditions, responsible material selections to decarbonizing our energy resources, we have the potential through design, construction and building operations to go beyond compensating for our own direct and indirect emissions. The Green Real Estate – Beyond Net Zero will explore means to rethink our buildings beyond reducing their environmental footprint, beyond maximizing their efficiency and beyond simply balancing their impact. The next generation of buildings will be built in total harmony with the planet’s ecosystem, fostering positive human health and prosperity way beyond the physical boundaries of the building itself.

Trey Archer, Business Development Director Asia at GRESB, will be present speaking about the importance of ESG compliance in the race to net zero for a sustainable future.

Join us and key industry leaders as we witness exemplary designs and innovations supporting the race beyond net zero.
This event will take place at: 1pm-7pm [ICT]

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