The ABCs of Net Zero Real Estate: Strategies for Investors

The ABCs of Net Zero Real Estate Strategies for Investors

The commercial real estate sector faces an unprecedented transition in the coming years, decarbonizing portfolios to mitigate risk and enhance long-term value while playing a crucial role in global climate action.

Addressing the environmental impact of the built environment is no longer a niche issue – virtually every major real estate stakeholder recognizes that “doing nothing” could have negative impacts on the drivers of asset value. As part of Climate Week 2022, join us for a live presentation and discussion of strategies for transitioning to a net zero carbon portfolio.

Utilizing EVORA Global’s experience working with some of the most progressive real estate firms in the world, we will walk the audience through each step in the investment process, outlining practical guidance for investment managers at each stage of the property lifecycle.

The presentation will utilize case studies to enrich the material and will be followed by questions from the audience. Those in attendance will leave with a strong understanding of the challenges presented at each investment phase and practical strategies that will allow them to secure internal stakeholder engagement to mitigate material risks and position themselves to benefit from the opportunities of decarbonized assets.

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