Redefining ESG Best Practice and Disclosure

city & financial

Putin’s devastating unprovoked war in the Ukraine has prompted many investors and corporations to pull out of Russia. Renewable energy stocks are being shorted whilst defense stocks shoot upwards. Approaches to ‘ESG’ investing are being scrutinized for the lack of foresight of many funds and data providers to the risks of investments in Russia. Amongst war, energy cuts, consumer product and food shortages, geopolitical tensions and more, where does ‘ESG’ fit in? A true reckoning of the power and future of this type of investing and management is underway.

City & Financial Global’s summit on 29 June will deep dive into what ESG means in this context. The summit will draw together experts from across the field to discuss what governments and public sector actors are doing to define ESG, how private sector actors view ESG, and what tools they can use to aid them in incorporating ESG in its constantly progressing form.

  • Topics to be covered are as follows:
  • Assessing and redefining ESG investment strategies in light of the changing geopolitical context and energy transition plans
  • The role of fintech in easing the burden of data
  • Seven Principles for ESG Investing
  • The role of the regulator in promoting ESG best practice
  • The pan-European regulatory framework for ESG in the asset management industry
  • ISSB’s draft standards: impact on standardization and clarity of ESG disclosures
  • Challenges for corporates in meeting expectations about ESG disclosures
  • Spotlight on financial services: avoiding misrepresentation of ESG-related products
  • Towards standardization of data, methodologies and metrics used by ESG rating agencies and data providers
  • Being proactive and not reactive: how can ESG continue to evolve?

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