GRESB Inside ESG: Top 5 Reasons to Join GRESB in 2023 – APAC

Join us for  “GRESB Inside ESG: Top 5 Reasons to Join GRESB in 2023,” a live Q&A webinar on April 6 at 11:30 IST | 14:00 SGT | 16:00 AEST.

Undecided about GRESB in 2023? This webinar is an opportunity for the APAC region to have all questions about participating in GRESB answered. Designed specifically for organizations new to GRESB, in this webinar, you will hear about what you can expect in your first year of reporting and learn about programs and support for first-time GRESB participants that make getting started easier.  

Bring your questions and hear from other organizations in a similar position. Along the way, we will likely bust a few “GRESB myths” that have developed over the years.

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