GRESB Inside ESG – Building Tomorrow: Introducing the GRESB Infrastructure Development Asset Assessment

Watch this event on-demand and learn about the new transformative GRESB Infrastructure Development Asset Assessment and how it was tailor-made for greenfield developments and pre-operational assets.

Launched in early 2024, the assessment was developed in coordination with infrastructure representatives sitting on the GRESB Foundation. It provides companies with assets in construction or pre-construction with a way to accurately reflect their overall sustainability efforts using dynamic materiality.

What to expect from this webinar:

  • Introducing the 2024 Development Assessment: Delve into the specifics of the Infrastructure Development Asset Assessment, understand how it fits within the wider GRESB Infrastructure Assessments, and gain insights into its customized methodology and approach to materiality designed for assets in construction or pre-construction.
  • Participant spotlight: Learn more about a GRESB participant gearing up for the 2024 development assessment, gaining firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities of ESG during the development phase.
  • Future of sustainable development: Learn why the Infrastructure Development Asset Assessment is a transformative milestone for the infrastructure industry and discover how your assets and managers can lead in sustainable development.


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