GRESB Americas Institutional Investor Forum

Real Estate Limited Partner Institute Partners with GRESB to Organize Inaugural Americas Institutional Investor Forum in May 2023

Global ESG Benchmarking Organization Selects RELPI to Assemble Day-Long Conference Featuring 25 Institutional Investors


New York, NY – November 15, 2022 – The Real Estate Limited Partner Institute (RELPI) announced it will partner with GRESB to host a day-long conference on best practices in real estate investment, featuring more than 25 of the largest institutional investors and their consultants. The conference, “GRESB Americas Institutional Investor Forum” will take place on May 23, 2023 at Chelsea Market in New York City.

GRESB is the global ESG benchmark for financial markets, setting ESG standards and performance assessments for its members. RELPI, with over 100 members, is an organization that connects key players in the private equity real estate investment and capital industries.

“I am so proud to partner with GRESB to create a compelling day-long forum that will advance the best practices in our industry and offer valuable insight into investment in a dynamic environment,” said RELPI’s CEO and executive director Jonathan Schein. “We’ve had great success with our Interests Aligned® programs – intimate, focused and curated local meet-ups among leading stakeholders in the investment and allocation of capital in real estate. This Forum with GRESB takes the sharing of information and the advancement of ESG among real estate leaders in our industry to a whole new level.”

“We are a mission-driven organization, working to create an investment industry that plays a central role in creating a sustainable world, and we are confident that working with RELPI to curate and organize our “GRESB Americas Institutional Investment Forum” will advance our mission and serve our members,” said Dan Winters, senior director of strategic initiatives for GRESB.

According to Mr. Schein, panels at the day-long Forum program will feature conversations led by and among 25 of the largest global institutional investors. It is open to GRESB and RELPI members, as well as qualified individuals and organizations.

GRESB provides a rigorous methodology and consistent framework to measure the ESG performance of individual assets and portfolios based on self-reported data. Regarded as the gold standard for ESG assessment, GRESB is among the most prestigious member organizations in the investment world. “We’re excited to partner with RELPI to produce an ultrahigh-value and compelling program,” Mr. Winters said.

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