GRESB 2022 Real Estate Training from Paia

GRESB 2022 Real Estate Training Paia

Paia will be running an online GRESB Real Estate Assessment training. This training is designed to support participants reporting to the 2022 Real Estate Assessment. It also provides participants the opportunity to learn from peers. It is suitable for new participants reporting to the GRESB Real Estate Assessment and for existing participants who would like a refresher on the reporting process.

The GRESB Real Estate Assessment Training is divided into two online sessions:

Introduction session 26 Apr 2022 (Tue), 9am-12:30pm
Advanced session 27 Apr 2022 (Wed), 9am-12:30pm

There will be minimal overlaps of information in the 2 sessions. Participants are also assumed to not have attended GRESB’s online training.

Event details