GRESB 2021 & beyond: Balancing performance, risks, & requirements

Join us for a live webinar to discuss all things GRESB, including insights into the 2021 results, examining factors influencing global adoption of ESG, preparing for future GRESB reporting seasons, emerging trends and focus areas, and more.


Topics will include:

  • The state of GRESB
  • Challenges & solutions during the 2021 reporting season
  • Preparing for GRESB 2022
  • Aligning with TCFD through the Resilience Module
  • Growing focus on carbon emission reduction
  • Strategies for mitigating physical & transition risks
  • Identifying crucial data & readjusting internal goals


You will have the chance to hear from:

  • Dan Winters, Head of Americas, GRESB
  • Gopi Jayaswal, Director of ESG, FPA Multifamily
  • Sarah Jung, Senior ESG Manager, Goby¬†
  • Andrea Shoaf, Senior GRESB Specialist, Goby


The event will take place at 11:30 a.m. CDT.



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