Greenbuild 2023: ESG Innovation & Foundations Workshop

ESG Innovation at Greenbuild

On September 26 in Washington, DC, GRESB and the U.S. Green Building Council will convene the ESG Innovation & Foundations Workshop. The full-day event is part of the main Greenbuild program and included in the admission for most attendees. The Workshop is a two-part show: It will kick off with a forward-looking discussion about the future of green building and ESG, followed by a dive into foundational issues needed to create best-in-class green building and ESG initiatives.

Part 1 | ESG Innovation: The Workshop will start with the Big Picture. USGBC CEO Peter Templeton will host and facilitate a conversation among industry leaders, including Michael Brooks (REALPAC), Gunnar Branson (AFIRE), and Davina Rooney (Green Building Council of Australia). This discussion will provide a global perspective on the issues and trends shaping the industry, which will be followed by a deeper dive into the strategies and tools shaping decarbonization. Participants will hear from Elena Alschuler (LaSalle), Kit Milnes (KingSett Capital), and Martha Campbell (Rocky Mountain Institute). Together, they will share perspectives on decarbonization pathways, emerging approaches to capital planning, and potentially transformative approaches to large-scale, deep retrofits.

Part 2 | ESG Foundations: After a lunch break, the Workshop will reconvene to talk about ESG Foundations with a focus on opportunities for architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and facility (FM) manager professionals. Ben Myers (Boston Properties) will kick things off by giving his perspective on the evolution of the industry and what, exactly, AEC/FM professionals need to know to be effective in the changing environment. We will go deeper with Jessica Diaz (PIIMA), who will get into the details about how LEED can be used to improve GRESB outcomes. Then, we will shift into three important thematic areas: facility management, health promotion, and sustainable finance. Jeff Saunders will present brand-new research from IFMA. Dr. Matt Trowbridge (IWBI) will share strategies for investing for health across property portfolios. Karen Mora will talk about how FibraUno is using innovative financing strategies to fund green building and ESG initiatives.

After a break, we will take these ideas to the frontlines of practice. We will look at real-world examples of leadership in important sectors, including multifamily, healthcare, and office. This will include experiences of nationally recognized practitioners who have created and sustained top-ranking property portfolios, including Katie Rothenberg (AvalonBay), Kelly Meissner (Ventas), and Jason MacIntrye (Affinius Capital). These folks have literally “been-there-and-done that” when it comes to green building and ESG. They will share what it takes to get it done.

We will close with discussion and wisdom from friends and colleagues Sarah Welton, Dan Winters, and Jeff Benavides.

This is going to be a fun, educational, and, potentially, inspiring day at the intersection between green building and ESG. Learn more and sign up to attend.

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