Dutch National Sustainable Finance & Climate Risk Conference

A sustainable financial sector is essential to achieve the Paris climate goals. On the one hand, financial institutions contribute to a society in which Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values are becoming increasingly important, by pursuing sustainable financial activities. New laws and regulations force organizations to be transparent about how their products contribute to this. On the other hand, the financial sector also tries to understand the risks of climate change. They want to gain insight on how ESG risks threaten the financial stability of their organization. Regulators are setting increasingly strict requirements, and customers also ask them to do so.

This event covers both perspectives. During these 2 days you can expect:

• First experiences with SFDR implementations and a look ahead to the introduction of the Taxonomy

• Complete overview of future legislation and regulations and new standards in the field of sustainability

• Details on how to be compliant

• Methodologies for reporting on ESG and sustainability

• Expectations of (European) regulators in the field of sustainability reporting

• Precursors in Articles 8 and 9 products (SFDR)

• Tips to integrate ESG / climate risks in risk management

• New methods to measure and monitor ESG risks

• Climate and ESG data experts who provide insight into the impact of climate change

• The lack of historical data: how do you get to the right conclusions?

From GRESB, Erik Landry, Climate Change Specialist and Cathy Granneman, Associate of Infrastructure will be speaking at this event.

  • Date:
  • Time: 9:00 am-2:00 pm