Customer Experience & ESG Seminar 2023

This half day seminar will explore why customer experience should be at the core of ESG strategies in real estate.

Over the last 5 – 10 years the real estate industry has seen the emergence of new management disciplines – the ESG professional bringing strong focus to the delivery of ESG targets and the Customer Experience (CX) professional bringing new tools and techniques to drive customer retention and attraction.

It would be too easy to characterise the two disciplines as quite different – objective v subjective, science-based v intuitive, rational v anecdotal – but, in reality, the two disciplines have much in common and when combined create a powerful force for good.

This seminar will explore through case study, expert presentations and panel sessions how these two groups can work together to drive occupier, customer and community engagement.

You’ll also hear why this collaboration matters so much to major investors and corporate occupiers.

Ultimately, we hope you’ll be inspired to think differently about how you can drive your ESG programmes at an asset, portfolio and corporate level, working with your occupier customers and stakeholders.

The aims of the session, which will focus on the ‘S’ in ESG, are as follows:

1. To encourage debate on how the Customer Experience and ESG agendas can be aligned to mutual advantage

2. To showcase ESG best practice among GRESB participants including CWG and RealService clients with focus on the ‘S’

3. To explore the commercial and social value of improving engagement with occupiers and with a wider group of stakeholders (including community), and how to succeed at this

4. For the event to be ‘purposeful’ with practical learnings supporting GRESB’s strategic agenda and possibly kick-starting a GRESB Expert Resource Group

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