Building the Future of ESG Conference 2023

Attention Malaysian Property Developers! The balance between business growth vs long-term green thinking is not an easy one. Compliance, internal processes, business impact, technology adoption, and more. What is the balanced and progressive move forward, especially for property developers?

Join us and hear from key experts from KPKT, MAVCAP, MDEC, MIDA, CIDB, EY, KPMG, and more on relevant topics:

Session 1: ESG As a Value Driver for Real Estate
Session 2: The Evolving Role of Technology in ESG: Design & Construction
Session 3: Green Lending – New Sustainability Led by Financial Instruments
Session 4: Operationalising ESG Turning Principles into Practice

By attending this conference, you will:

  • Gain insights from ESG experts and thought leaders
  • Learn practical strategies to maximize your property’s sustainability and value
  • Network with like-minded developers and industry pioneers
  • Stay ahead of regulatory changes and investor expectations
  • Enhance your brand reputation and attract eco-conscious buyers

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