WSP Calgary creates a healthier workplace through pursuit of LEED v4 certification

Photo: Wiktor Skupinski, Latitude Photography

As Alberta’s first project to certify under the LEED v4 rating system, receiving ID+C Silver certification in April 2018, WSP’s Calgary office fit-out showcases the company’s commitment to supporting the growth of a healthier and more sustainable society.
The new 100,000 square foot  space, and WSP’s pursuit of LEED certification, exemplify many features aimed at promoting sustainability, wellness and energy efficiency, including ensuring the use of healthier materials and emphasizing the importance of educating employees about the features of a greener work environment, while also generating operational savings.
Employee health and wellness were emphasized through features such as an open-plan layout providing ample access to natural daylight, a Sustainable and Healthy Purchasing Policy that draws on both LEED O+M and WELL requirements, and the use of low-emitting materials and furniture to minimize exposure to potential toxicants.
The use of biophilic design was also a major contributing factor in improving health, wellness and productivity, with the office incorporating a variety of natural elements, stimuli and patterns throughout the space. This helped the project achieve a LEED v4 Innovation point using the “Designing with Nature” pilot credit.
WSP noted that LEED v4 certification provided the most up-to-date framework for accomplishing its commitment towards creating a positive impact on the environment and people.
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