[Video] The Impact of ESG on Commercial Real Estate

Watch Dan Winters, GRESB Head of Americas, in this video webinar from S&P Global Market Intelligence on the impact of ESG on commercial real estate.

This webinar explores the connection between ESG factors and Commercial Real Estate. We look at how ESG impacts how assets are evaluated, public REITs and funds are analyzed, as well as the growing market for passive investment vehicles that incorporate ESG.

  • Growth in passive investment vehicles to meet investor demand, and the benchmarks that underlie these vehicles.
  • Measuring ESG at the company and fund level.
  • Measuring ESG, with a particular focus on energy/water/waste, at the asset level.

Speakers include:

Keven Lindemann, Senior Director, Global Real Estate, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Matt Ellis, Founder & CEO, Measurabl

Michael Orzano, CFA, Senior Director, Global Equity Indices