With this Triango project, Bopro Sustainable Investments (BSI) has obtained the right to develop 15 ha of the Triangle de Gonesse. From now on we belong – as a Belgian company – to the development team of the ‘Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris’ project.

‘Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris’, the biggest European contest of urban planning, urbanism and architecture, was published in 2016. This contest was designed to search for development projects able to improve the quality of life in the suburbs of Paris.
The jury has selected, for the development of the Triangle of Gonesse region – one of the 58 sites to develop – the Triango project of Bopro Sustainable Investments (BSI). The Triango site is located between the airport of Charles de Gaulle and of le Bourget. A new metro station is scheduled for 2024.
Triango, an architectural collective taught by RAU, Karres & Brands, team SeARCH and Atelier Phileas, becomes a model in the field of circular economy. With its partners, including a number of start-ups, BSI develops with Triango a site consisting of 167 100 m² of modular offices, incubators, workshops and co-working spaces. The site also includes services and facilities, such as a sports facility, a medical centre, a nursery, etc. Bio-economy companies have their place in this Triango setting.
This development project wants to respond to the needs of the residents and entrepreneurs of Gonesse and its wider environment, but also to those of international companies. Being aware of the agricultural culture of the territory, BSI gives a central place to the high tech urban agriculture on this site. We foresee about 10,000 m² of greenhouses and containers to cultivate plants dedicated for consumption, but also useful as raw materials for bio-economical activities.
The project is characterized by a central ‘sports’ park which offers a maximum setting of greenery towards the different office spaces all around. Where the contours of the park present a variety of construction volumes all designed differently, the constructions outside the park ensure continuity and unity, which gives the site a strong identity with iconic facades.
The buildings on Triango will be carbon neutral and positive on energy. The fact that the buildings are adaptable and fully reconstructable makes this project even more future-oriented. In this context, any ‘brick’ used on the site, any material used – chosen based on its environmental performance and its ability to be reused – will be added to the Madaster (database of materials). All material used will be traceable.
Finally, Triango is synonymous with mobility. It will include bike parks, a carpooling service, and autonomous electric shuttles. The heart of greenery of the site is crossed by a large network of hiking trails and relaxation and well-designed trails. In the inner area, there are only ‘clean’ transport systems allowed.
In 2030, Triango will represent 11 500 jobs, 68 500 m² of greenery, 167 100 m² de surface utile et 10 000 m² high tech urban agriculture space.
Triango, an initiative of:
BSI (Bopro Sustainable Investments), Bopro, RAU, Karres en Brands, SeARCH, Atelier Phileas, ITF, LTF, Turntoo, BIGH, Urban Crop Solutions, SQA, Studio Beyond, Evergreen et Siemens.
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