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The Business Case for Healthy Communities

The business case for healthy communities

Over the past decade, public health research has established a clear and significant connection between where individuals grow up and their lifelong health outcomes. Across the United States, neighborhoods just a few miles away from one another can have average life expectancies that differ by up to 30 years.

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The Healthy Building Movement: Impact on People, Planet, and Profit

Rising temperatures not only increase energy use, but also result in accelerated rates of heat-related illness and death. These concerns are especially relevant in urban areas, which often struggle to mitigate the impacts of heat island effect— a phenomenon where more urbanized areas are hotter than surrounding rural areas.

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A Healthy Dose of ESG can Maximize Investment in Health

Growing evidence indicates that companies can do well by doing good, and that by considering environmental, social, and governance factors, they can optimize their performance and strengthen their bottom line. ESG investing is taking on a new and influential role within the marketplace, expanding company considerations into previously unexplored arenas. Most notably, in pursuit of […]

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Using Data to Drive Demand for Healthy Design

Using data to drive demand for healthy design

Rise of Wellness Across the Real Estate Industry The rise of the wellness market has spurred a new level of innovation across a range of industries as companies strive to differentiate themselves in pursuit of impacting the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. And the real estate industry is no exception, with health-promoting […]

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