Zerin Habitat Sdn Bhd

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At Zerin Habitat we aspire to be industry visionaries – real estate advisor of choice to successful individuals and companies, to deliver the gold standard of ESG compliance and certification for real asset owners. ESG is important to us as it provides us an avenue to make a lasting impact for all stakeholders in the real estate and infrastructure ecosystem.

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Beginning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), we contextualize and customize ESG policies and frameworks to your individual organization and create objective and meaningful ways to measure the impact of the ESG initiatives implemented, ultimately leading to the creation of a long term sustainable & resilient business model.

As a GRESB partner, we have in depth knowledge and experience on how to align an organisations ESG priorities with GRESB scoring and benchmarking criteria and create a customised path to GRESB accreditation. We work closely with our clients achieve an in depth understanding of the business and develop a sustainable strategy to maintain and improve the GRESB score year on year.