Sustainable ESG

Consultant Partner

SESG was founded in early 2022 and is built on a wealth of knowledge and experience in the infrastructure, operations, and sustainable financing space.

Our mission at SESG is to provide methods for integration of sustainable practice across a business to enable credible and genuine business transformation, creating long term value for the business and its stakeholders that leads to sustainable economic development.

SESG support organisation’s by bridging the gap and helping to navigate the evolving ESG landscape to successfully integrate sustainability into the fabric of the organisation.

The team at SESG are motivated by the success of others and committed to making a positive and sustainable impact through partnership and collaboration.

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Service offerings include:

1. Materiality Assessment
2. Strategy Development
3. Education and Capacity Building
4. Decarbonisation
5. Gap Analysis
6. Scenario Analysis
7. Landscape Analysis
8. Investor and Ratings Analysis
9. Reporting and Disclosure
10. ESG Risk Assessment
11. Sustainable Financing
12. SDG Alignment
13. Benchmarking
14. Management Systems
15. Corporate Policies
16. Diversity and Inclusion
17. Business Integration