Sunita Van Heers, Managing Director


Consultant Partner

SuReal is a company that specializes in consulting and detailed studies in the field of integrated sustainability for large-scale real estate projects.

With our team of engineer-architects, engineers, psychologists and business analysts who all have extensive knowledge in the matter of sustainability, architecture, energy, project management, CSR and ESG consultancy, SuReal is proud to have contributed to national and international projects spread over more than 2.000.000 m².

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The goal of SuReal is twofold: to have a significant impact on the sustainability of the real estate sector and to function as a one-stop-shop in terms of sustainability and circular expertise.

SuReal stands for a no-nonsense approach, in which excellence, dedication, value co-creation and one-step-ahead always come first. Thanks to the knowledge and the network of our experts, we ensure that each project receives appropriate guidance. Throughout this process, we act as a “Sustainability Manager”, acting as a dedicated and independent advisor. Thanks to our expertise, we can effectively guide all project partners in achieving the predetermined sustainability ambitions.

We are aware of the complexity associated with sustainability frameworks and with the requirements. We have therefore acquired a deep understanding of ESG tools/frameworks and will provide all the necessary help in defining and reaching any specific ESG-related performances. Our ESG experts will support you through the in-depth ESG analysis process by offering relevant/valuable resources (benchmarking, due diligence, data collection, KPI setting, reporting, follow-up of client portfolio…).

SuReal believes in a co-creation process and an integrated approach. Backed by thorough studies, each project strives for excellence in terms of economic, ecological and social aspects, as well as in all areas of sustainability: comfort, energy, materials, water, waste. We try to close the cycles as much as possible.

Many of the services offered by SuReal contribute to the circular and sustainable character of construction projects: ESG Consultancy (strategic advice and analysis, benchmarking, sustainable report and framework guidance such as GRESB, UN SDG’s, EPRA…), LCC (Life Cycle Cost), LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) studies, Materials passport, certificates (BREEAM, WELL, GRO, Zero Carbon), EPB- studies, Urban Impact studies, waste studies, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership studies).

SuReal also stands for innovation and has taken the leading role in several innovation projects, including Vlaanderen Circulair for the set-up of a CESGO (business models in the circular economy)

Our approach is not based on “gimmicks” or “greenwashing” but on genuine, realistic and future-proof actions that only have one goal: to have an impact on society.